How to keep your work tools safe


Did you know that a third of tradespeople have had their tools stolen at some point, and two thirds at least know someone who has been the victim of tool theft?

Work tools don’t come cheap. And whether you’re a builder, electrician, carpenter, plumber or joiner, without them, you won’t be able to do your job.

Unfortunately, constant advancements in technology have made it easier than ever for thieves to get their hands on what doesn’t belong to them. In fact, most criminals don’t even need to force their way in anymore. This means that it can take longer to realise when your tools have been stolen.

The good news is there are a number of things you can do to protect your tools when stored on-site or in your van, and here we look at just a few of them.


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Tips for securing work tools

· Use deterrents – one of the most obvious ways to stop criminals from stealing your tools is to make sure that your van clearly states that “no tools are kept in this vehicle overnight”. Though it’s a simple measure with very little effort required, thieves are more likely to target a van that doesn’t have a sticker.


· Park in a safe place – whether it be on-site at the yard or whilst out on a job, always try and find a secure place to park your vehicle. If possible, you want to avoid quiet side streets or dark, shaded areas. And if your van has a side entry, it’s a good idea to park it up against a wall to minimise the number of access points available to opportunists.


· Consider on-site secure storage – for site managers, there is nothing worse than a workman who is constantly forgetting to bring their tools or charge their power tools up the night before. Fortunately, there are several options available when it comes to securing tools on-site, including power tool charging lockers, high-security safes and padlocks and chains.


· Opt for built-in lockable van storage – it goes without saying that, if you’re planning on leaving valuable tools in your van, you’re going to need to secure them. Whilst padlocks are a great shout, you may consider investing in a van toolbox with a deadlock that can be bolted to the floor inside your van – making it impossible for thieves to access your tools and remove the toolbox.


· Take your tools indoors at night – if you’re to protect your work tools, you should never leave them on display. Better still, if you don’t have to leave them in your van overnight, then we highly recommend that you don’t. Instead, have a lockable storage unit fitted in your garage or designate a safe place in the house for your essential tools, ideally a concealed spot where they won’t cause a trip hazard or eyesore.


Follow these simple steps and be safe in the knowledge that the tools you need to complete the job are exactly where you left them.

If you need to invest in vehicle security locks or new padlocks to secure your tools, be sure to visit LockShop Direct. They have a fantastic range of products to choose from online and guarantee some of the most competitive prices. That means you can keep your tools as safe as possible without breaking the bank!