How To Kickstart A Growth Marketing Automation Strategy


Automating digital marketing is beneficial for businesses because it saves a lot of time and money. By automation, we mean reprogramming repetitive, complex, and laborious marketing activities using software, tools, and services. Thus, marketing automation unlocks many opportunities for the business in terms of personalisation and achieving high revenues. However, marketers generally find it challenging to adopt modern growth marketing approaches due to a lack of tools and inexperience regarding implementation and strategies. You can get professional help regarding online marketing from Landscape Marketing Pros Company, which offers website designing services. Follow the steps mentioned below to take full advantage of automation technology and grow your business.

The most important step in optimizing your digital marketing is to choose a marketing automation solution that works best for your company. You can utilize all-in-one automation tools like digital marketing software for agencies to help your marketing team work more efficiently.

Plan out

Business persons usually get tempted to start the sales process using marketing automation once they know its benefits. However, it is wise to do planning beforehand and find out the basics instead of stepping over immediately. Also, as a salesperson these days, you may possess data and content, but the collection is only worth it if you use it wisely.

You can start by going over your contact list to make a suitable segmentation. Crosscheck whether the contacts in your platform have chosen message delivery from you or not. For greater accuracy, it would help if you track engagement and quality of delivery offered by you.

Furthermore, organise the content like e-books, webinars, blog posts, white papers, and guides before time. To provide high-end services to the clients, choose judiciously by considering when and where to integrate content.

Creating a plan for automation marketing will give you clarity and smoothly navigate the leads to your sales funnel.

Communicate With The Sales Team

Try to figure out the right time to pick up potential clients through generated leads by interacting with your sales team. Through leads, you can benefit by converting potential buyers to actual purchasers, which will further help the sales team focus and invest time only on the right people. These actions are vital as they effectively organise the customer's journey and provide an excellent experience. Moreover, sorting out the steps with sales managers will allow you to work efficiently. For example, if you want your potential customer rates to be 10% higher than the last year, discuss the strategy to reevaluate and achieve the benchmark for the future.

Take Action By Initiating The Intended Plan

Once you have communicated with the marketing and sales teams regarding the marketing automation platform, you must campaign about the goal you have selected.

The first and foremost method to start is by using automated email since most marketers are aware of it. Automated email marketing uses predefined instructions to trigger email messages. The use of email as a trail for automated marketing will give you the opportunity to master the scheme and to determine the best options for your company. In addition, you can collect personal information through emails in order to know the interests and choices of customers by visiting their profiles.

Think Outside The Box

Do not just stick to email; explore other platforms such as social media, websites, and text messaging. For instance, social media automation uses tools to curate content and schedule posts in advance. You can create a chat box on social media channels to answer customers' queries and render a superior experience. You can execute automation on social media through various channels like Buffer or SocialPilot to reach the audience through messages and replies.

Automated SMS marketing is another acceptable way to engage with customers directly through mobile phones. It is helpful for various businesses like the tourism and hotel industry to send information and payment reminders instantly to customers.

 Marketing Automation Is Not An Autopilot System

Growth automation marketing should not be considered an autopilot system. When opting for marketing automation, it is necessary to automate the basic tasks. To grow your business, you must invest time in selecting goals, tracking the customer's journey, creating a marketing campaign, and launching it. Essentially, you will gain experience to understand the needs of clients and work directly with them. As a result, you can get more coverage in areas that you lack; therefore, automation opens doors to improve, connect, and research through new channels while being innovative. Hence, automation does allow you to be more effective in the work.

Automated marketing is an asset for businesses looking to increase efficiency and sales. Thus, to form an effective marketing automation strategy, you must follow the points mentioned above. It would be beneficial if you implemented them carefully to get a strong marketing foundation.