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How To Know If Public Hot Tubs Are Sanitary?

The use of hot tubs is increasing radically nowadays with people preferring to use this service in order to get themselves a much-needed relaxation session. But the point to be noted here is that majority of the hot tubs that everyone goes to are public hot tubs and has been used previously by hundreds of thousands of people.

And what can be the possible result for this? It means that there is a high probability that you may end up getting a lot of germs as the hygiene level of these hot tubs may not be up to the mark. And even if hygiene levels are being taken care of, there might be some germs that may just not get cleaned and can be a problem for you if you get into those same hot tubs.

There are quite a few sanitary problems that you may encounter if you end up going to public hot tubs specifically those that are located in hotels and gyms. Quite a few of those hot tubs are not properly regulated and maintained and thus can create huge sanitary problems.

This is why you should probably consider picking one of the top 10 inflatable hot tubs for 2018 for your own safety. According to research, contaminated water may end up giving you infection in your lungs, eyes, nose, and ears after entering your system.

HowTo Know If Public Hot Tubes Are Sanitary??

The most common type of disease that you can get from contaminated water is that of hot tub rash. This particular disease is a skin infection and its signs include having red boils or blisters on your skin. If you have these on your skin after a hot tub bath, then you have fallen prey to this infection.

Even you can find it difficult to breathe and have lung infection due to contaminated water. Breathing issues, fever, fatigue, and other diseases that spread due to sanitary issues at public hot tubs. There have been different researches conducted that have indicated that more than 90% of water in public hot tubs is contaminated and contains different types of bacteria that could be life-threatening.

And these bacteria can have a serious impact on children and teens, thus it is recommended that one should check the sanitary of the hot tubs before entering it so that there are no issues with it. The bacteria-filled water is extremely dangerous and even though public hot tubs may be taken care of, there might be certain germs that may remain as you just can’t kill all the germs if you don’t have all the proper resources.

To Soak or Not to Soak

One thing that is really important before heading to any public hot tub is to check whether you can soak in it or not. this might give you a better idea as you may just change your mind if you find certain things not according to how they should be. The most impactful thing that one should see in the public hot tub is that of the use of chlorine as it kills the majority of the germs. However, one problem with hot tubs is that they make chlorine evaporate faster as the temperature is high. Thus when using hot tubs, the chlorine level needs to be monitored regularly i.e. twice a day. This is more than that of the swimming pool but in case of swimming pool, chlorine does not evaporate quickly due to the cold temperature of water. Here are certain things that you can check before soaking in any hot tub.

Smell of Chlorine

Chlorine is that one thing that will keep you safe from all the bacteria and sanitary of the hot tub. But while you start going for a soak, if you can smell the chlorine then just walk away from that hot tub. It contains bacteria. A germ-free hot tub won’t have any odor in it and if you can smell chlorine then definitely there is something wrong with it.

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Slimy Feeling

While you may check the smell before even going for a soak, but you may just also get to know about bacteria in water if you go in for a soak. Once you go in the hot water if you get feeling of being slimy than you need to get out of the water as soon as possible. This is because the slimy hot tub is an indication that there are some bacteria present in the water, so cutting down the soak is the best option in this case. This is especially true of inflatable hot tubs which tend to build up more bacteria over time. That's why we recommend cleaning them thoroughly and often.

Cloudy Water

In case if you find the water being all foamy or cloudy then avoid going into the hot tub. This is because if the foam is still floating on the water than it means that there have been some issues with the filtration process of the water and that is why foam is still floating. Thus sanitizing of water is required before you go for a soak in this water.

Coin Flip Test

Another famous way to check whether the hot tub is sanitized or not is to check through a coin. Yes, you can check through a coin as well. All you need to do is to take a coin that has something printed on both its side. Flip that coin into the water and is it drains down into the tub, you should be able to read what you coin reads. If you are able to read what your coin has on top, then you can go ahead with the soaking process as the water is clean and clear. And if you cannot get what is written on the coin, then you definitely should avoid going for any such soaking process in the hot bathtub.

It is extremely important now that proper sanitization of hot tubs is done so that there are no cases of infections or diseases. Use of chlorine for public hot tubs should be the topmost priority with chlorine being used minimum two times a day so that the germs can be killed before the hot water evaporates chlorine.

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