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How to know which sized skip bin you'll need

When moving, there are garbage and waste that remains. Also, it is common for homeowners to get rid of items at home when renovating the rooms. It is probably things you are not going to use or things you no longer need. For the best solution in dealing with the garbage, you need to consider a commercial skip bin hire. However, it may be challenging to determine the size of the bin you will need. If the first one is not enough to fit the garbage, it will cost you more to hire an additional container. This read seeks to look at how to determine the size of the skip bin you will need.

Selecting the Ideal Skip Bin for you

Before selecting the skip bin's size, it is critical to identify the type of waste you will be putting in. The bulkiness of items differs, as some will occupy large spaces. At the same time, regular garbage will fit in a standard skip bin. On the other hand, corrosive items are dangerous to handle. You will need to inform the garbage collection company first. They can know the suitable skip bin to use, and it is advisable to dispose of the items depending on what they are. The service providers can label their skip bins to make it easy to know what to place in a specific container.

Here are some considerations to finding the right size of the bin;

  • The quantity of waste; the room size will probably determine the amount of garbage that comes out of the area. It will also depend on the items that you have in the space. Although it is difficult to know the exact quantity of the garbage you will get out, you can determine the likely amount to collect. The information can guide you into finding the right size of skip bin to hire.

  • Where to place the bin; the place you plan to place the skip bin will determine the size you select. A small room will not have the space for large-sized skip bins, while if you have unlimited space, you can consider a much larger size. You do not want to place the container outdoors while the work is indoors.

  • The legislation; laws differ from one state to another, and it is crucial to understand the legislation at play. Some require you to get a permit before disposing of waste. It is also good to know if there are any restrictions on the size of skip bins to use to avoid penalties. Also, most local authorities do not allow you to overload the bins. 

  • The capacity; standard skip bins are usually three cubic meters; however, there are other smaller ones according to a customer’s preference.  It can hold approximately more than ten wheelbarrows of garbage. The different sizes include; four, six, eight, and ten cubic meters. When moving from a house with more than three rooms, the four or six cubic meters will work well. However, the ten cubic meters skip bin is ideal for commercial uses.


There is no need to worry anymore as you know what to consider to find the ideal size of skip bin to use when moving or renovating. The skip bin providers will do the rest, as they will dispose of the garbage for you.  


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