Tuesday, December 5, 2023
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People nowadays want to be heard, really heard and not patronized. Several times when you see someone's listening to in a conversation, there are plenty of people who really just want to speak up. 


If you're the one struggling with this situation, one trick is to say, "what I understand what you're saying is..," by repeating what you understand a person to be saying it forces you to really listen to what they are saying and in the end, it reinforces to the speakers that you truly are listening to them and respect whatever you are saying. Dwayne Rettinger, leader of the wealth management company, suggested us. Read below to know more about leading a team successfully.


If you're not right, be honest to admit it

Just take a moment for the realization that you are not perfect, and you are not always right, and you can deduct with making mistakes. One of the greatest personality traits is developing a sense of humility. We all make mistakes. A wise person always admits their failures and learns from the experiences, so they grow continuously with getting better. 


The sign of honesty and humility realizes your own mistake apologizing to them and working to avoid repeating your mistake. This will help you to gain a lot of respect among the poor you are working with. According to Dwayne Rettinger, wealth management is only possible when you're self-checking.


Lead by example

do not take a moment and think about the behaviour you are expected from the team members and show to exhibit those trades yourself. You are the leader and role model to them and what you say and will be implementing the team's daily work habits and attitudes. It's very important to be yourself and believe in yourself. If you don't, you will soon be unmasked, and you will lose all the credibility and trust of your workers.


You have to be very much honest and passionate and treat everyone on the team right with respect and without favouritism, and you will find those behaviours return. Never underestimate or criticize other individuals or departments in front of any other team; make sure that they all are working for your success in the bigger picture. Dwayne Rettinger investors always say positive things about the leadership of him.


Make time to lead

If you want to be really effective, then you have to invest a little time in this role. Mostly this responsibility is added into someone else already running the task, setting the new leaders up to failure. You are a team leader so you should have to be visible for the team and available to support them enough. If you try to dominate over them, you are on a critical hands-on the task you want to be. Be a very short review and negotiate your workload before taking the leadership role in the first place. Know some of the knowledge by Dwayne Rettinger investors group.




Don't try to spend your work. It's very easy to defeat the difficult decision but ultimately costly. The job in your hand and you are viewed as a leader. If things don't go up to your expectations, don't lose hope and take a deep breath, gather some information and try again.


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