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How to Lead Your Team More Effectively?

Being a manager and coach of his team at the same time is not an impossible mission. Some do it already without putting the term of coaching on their management practice on a daily basis. And the others can get started easily.  Below are some tips how to lead Your Team More Effectively

Do not force yourself:

If you think that coaching your team is too complicated or (especially) that you do not feel like it, be sure to surround yourself with an assistant who can act bond between team members. If he is more oriented towards people, than he likes to spend time with them, while you are more oriented towards the tasks to realize, it is the best solution. 

Choose the right time:

Taking time to listen and interact with your colleagues is essential if you want to help them progress. But not all situations lend themselves to it. Metaphorically, when there is fire, we do not meet his team to discuss in a consensual way how to fight against the fire (number of buckets, size of the human chain?); it is extinguished in a hurry. Assuming his leadership role.  And we take the point after. 

Adopt an empathy Posture:

A good starting point is empathy, that is, the ability to put you in the other person's shoes. This involves listening, questioning and reformulation. The collaborator thus feels that he is subject of interest, listened to and understood. Be careful not to let yourself be betrayed by your attitudes. 

 Forget yourself a little:

To coach your employees, it is important to avoid projecting on them their own story, their frustrations, their desires, and their fears. Do not impose your mode of operation but on the contrary help them to find solutions by themselves. 

Do not judge:

Watch out for the way you look at your employees. If the manager considers his collaborator as a moron? The latter is more likely to become one. This is called "self-fulfilling prophecy". Indeed, if you think that one of your employees is mediocre, you may not give him enough recognition, feedback or material to develop. This lack of interest that he will feel is likely to discourage him and prevent him from progressing, and this is the beginning of a vicious circle. 

Give feedback:

Feedback helps to encourage and reinforce certain effective behaviors and to discourage others. When your employee's job is well done, congratulating him or even rewarding him will make him want to persevere on the same path and not to relax as one tends to think. Conversely, when the work is not satisfactory, it is important to also report it and say that we are disappointed because we know he can do better. 

Be Fearless:

Exit the accepted idea that to be respected, it is imperative to adopt a management and policy distant. Without falling into a prejudicial familiarity, one can be kind to his collaborators to help them to give the best of themselves. By coaching your employees, you put them in a position to become all that they can be, which is also in your interest. You can take help from any financial expert like Shane Dubin. Shane Dubin Canaccord knowledge and practice of investments started at a young age and carried through over the 18 years working at Scotia McLeod

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