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How to Learn a Foreign Language On Your Own

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The learning of foreign languages becomes more and more important. The person who can speak two or even more foreign languages is not an exception nowadays. The children start learning languages at school. And the adults have their own interests and benefits from studying other languages. The reasons for learning foreign languages vary from traveling to a certain country where people speak your target language, to getting a dream job in a foreign country or international company. We will give you some advice and if you follow them, the process of mastering the foreign language will be more interesting and quick.



You need to practice the language every day. Even if you do not have time for the full lesson, take at least 10-15 minutes to read or repeat the phrases you’ve learned previously. It’s better to do this with a clear head in the morning, but if you’re an owl, you can change the time. You will see soon that it will be much better than to have one 2-hour lesson per week.


If the desire to learn a language disappears too quickly, you should come up with your own algorithm. For example, practice some learning, then start listening to your favorite music, or take a short break for a walk. Perhaps, you can come up with some new goals. Just don’t give up learning, it’s very important. Otherwise, it will be challenging to start the whole process almost from the very beginning.


Never learn individual words, try to use them in phrases or sentences. It will make it easier for you to recognize and understand the words that you know even if you do not understand the sentence ideally. 


Use mobile apps and online software to help you with studying. For example, you have decided to learn Spanish on your own. Though this language is one of the easiest according to language difficulty ranking, you may need all online assistants that can help you with studying. Download a mobile app for memorizing simple words and phrases, a Spanish translator tool to recognize the new words, or even a mobile game in Spanish which will help you learn new words while playing. 


It is especially useful to write ready-made individual phrases and try to use them as often as possible in the language. For learning new phrases and words, you can make notes with them and put them all around your apartment for non-stop practicing. 


Translate in your mind everything that comes to mind: advertisement, songs, titles of magazine articles. The warm-up of the brain is always good for memory training.


It is useful to memorize small texts and dialogues. But this works only with the material, which you understand perfectly. 


Learning a foreign language in isolation may give lower results. You need to storm the fortress from all sides: watch movies and read books in the original, communicate with the native speakers online, or even travel to the country of your target language if you have such an opportunity. In 2021, livestreaming will gain more importance as a way of distance learning during pandemic times. Schools and courses will use live streaming to conduct classes over distance.


Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Be afraid of uncorrected mistakes. Never leave anything unchecked, because your brain can get the wrong information as the right one. 


Believe in yourself. If you know what you want, but enough time and effort into what you do. You will definitely achieve the goal and the language barrier will be left in the past.

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