Tuesday, October 3, 2023
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How to Leave Stress Behind When You Clock Out

Stress. It's a part of everyday life in one way or another, with everyone experiencing it in different ways. However, some forms of it can be more consuming than others. Work stress is a big one. If you're noticing that it's hitching a ride home with you once you clock out, chances are you're not enjoying the extra baggage. 


Fortunately, there are things you can do that will either cut down on the chances of this happening or even eliminate it. Oftentimes it just takes a few ideas or suggestions to get the ball rolling, along with a boost of confidence. Here are some things to keep in mind so you'll spend less of your personal time consumed by work stress, and more of it enjoying your life. 

End Your Day On an Organized Note 

At the end of your workday, do you have a routine or checklist to follow before clocking out? Maybe it means never leaving your workstation with so much as a paperclip out of place, or maybe it's passing along pertinent information to someone picking up where you left off. What's important here is doing whatever you can to ensure you're not stressing out when your workday is over. 


Once you make tying up loose ends a habit, there will be another wonderful benefit following suit. You'll probably also notice a decrease in anxiety because you'll know that things will be fresh and ready for another day, just as you left them. 

Use Your Commute to Decompress

Everyone has some sort of commute to and from work outside of the home, whether it's a quick drive down the road or a much longer one. When you're wanting to reduce the stress you bring home from work, using your commute to decompress is an excellent idea.


No matter how many minutes (or hours) stand between your work and home, making the most of every minute will be essential. Preparing your mind and body for this will be helpful, so don't skip out on finding ways to make yourself feel more comfortable and relaxed. 


Leave comfortable driving shoes in your car, especially if you spend your day in shoes that hurt your feet by day's end. Make a playlist of songs that energize or relax you — bonus points for the songs that make you sing out loud. Try applying a bright and clarifying essential oil to your pressure points and be intentional with your breathing. Call your mom or a friend and enjoy a chat. 

Take 20 Minutes to Transition

When you walk in your front door, how do you feel? Is your return to home calm and relaxing, or is it overstimulating and demanding? How you begin those first few minutes at home will have a big impact on the rest of your evening, so take this one seriously. 


Everyone will have different experiences when coming home, but the objective remains the same. Do your best to ease back in gradually.

Take a minute to change out of your work clothes into something cozy and comfortable. Put your phone out of sight for at least a little while. Grab a drink or a healthy snack. Once you've done these things, move on with everything else.


For those times you need a little help unwinding, a few drops of CBD oil under the tongue can help to reduce any physical symptoms of stress, such as headache or tension in your neck and shoulders. It's also great for quieting anxiety. If you're wondering where to buy CBD, you can do so easily online. If you still need more time, promise yourself that you'll set aside time for self-care later in the evening and honor it.

Respect Your Life Outside of Work

Everyone has a life outside of work and that time should be protected (and respected!). However, this is easier said than done. In order to make sure this happens, you will need to be your own advocate. Learn to set boundaries and stay true to them. 


You are more than what you do for work. Having hobbies, spending time with family and friends and simply taking time away from it all should be considered essential to your overall wellness.

Try setting a reminder alarm on your phone, utilize timers or regularly commit yourself to be elsewhere at a certain time to honor your boundaries. Update your work calendar or set an auto response on your email to cover your bases if that makes you feel better.



Reducing or eliminating the amount of work stress you bring home each day is possible, but be prepared for making adjustments and committing to them so you're successful. You might feel uncomfortable with saying no or setting boundaries at first,  but don't let that stop you. It will get easier in time. 

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