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How can I Link and Activate My Roku Device

Activate Roku

Roku streaming players are those smart devices in today's modern scenario that provides you with a cost-effective way to enjoy online movies and TV shows anytime. Simply plug the Roku device into your smart HD TV, connect with a reliable internet connection, create a valid Roku account and start streaming without any issue.

Smart devices of Roku include very simple and useful features like Roku Search through which you can find what you wish to watch easily. With the help of this device, you can easily get access to thousands of paid and free channels. In order to activate your Roku device properly, then you have to access the Roku device activation link which lets you enter the Roku link code.

Once done successfully, you can start streaming your favorite online TV shows, cartoons, and movies at any time of the day or night.

First of all, let us make you aware of the term “Streaming”

Folks! Watching online YouTube videos and movies on your smartphone or a Netflix movie on your laptop or computer that’s called streaming. It’s the way audio and video content is delivered over the internet and has become the most popular way to watch TV.


Well, streaming lets you watch what you want, what you desire. You don’t have to wait any longer for a download to get finished, your DVR (digital video recorder) to record, or a show to come on the air.

Actually, Roku products bring the convenience and fun of streaming to your big-screen of smart HD TV. The choice of what to pay for and what to watch is all up to you. This is called “TV on your terms”.

How to Activate and Link A Roku Device

Below are the steps to set up your smart Roku Streaming Device making use of

  • First of all, you are supposed to check which audio or video connection you desire or wish to use.

  • Make either a wireless or wired connection between your existing WiFi network and the Roku player.

  • Now, connect the Roku device to your smart TV.

  • After that, plug in the Roku gadget into a damage-free power source.

  • Next, select the time zone and after that, a unique code will be displayed on the home screen of your TV.

  • Launch a web browser.

  • Link Roku device by visit

  • Enter the Roku activation code into the given fields.

  • Log in and setup Roku account. Add a payment method as well.

  • Finally, add only those channels which you watch frequently.

And that's it. The aforementioned steps complete the process of linking. Soon after you are linked, your Roku player will refresh and a congratulations screen will be displayed.

Important Note: can be found easily on the home screen of your TV that appears along with Roku link code activation.

In the mentioned web address, the word ‘link’ represents the linking of your Roku Streaming Player. With the help of Roku com link code, you can set up, activate and link your Roku device.

So, in order to activate a Roku device, you are supposed to link your device to a Roku account. Well, it is important to link a valid email with your Roku gadget account. It helps in managing the account and providing a necessary notification as well. This will keep a track of how many channels are added, how many streaming devices you own, etc.

Now, your device is ready to use. In case of any issue, dial a Roku support number 1-844-748-9017 and ask our certified technicians for support. They will definitely help you in linking, setting and activating of your Roku device within a matter of minutes.

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