How to Live Stream Video Games?


In this technological era, the number of gamers is increasing at an alarming rate. There is a wide range of gamers playing for the audience, which has led to the creation of an entire industry devoted to watching video games while others play. As people like to play sports and there are millions of people who like to watch their best athlete competing in special sports events. 


Similarly, there are various people playing video games. Some are good at playing, and some are not. There are plenty of people who like watching these video games. Thus, it is not a surprise that there is an industry built around online gaming. There is a broad range of resources available on these live streaming platforms for people to compete with others and to watch others playing. A person must have proper information about live streaming platforms to reach out to numerous sponsors and followers. 


Video game live streaming is also broadcasted on various television channels as well such as ABC, Disney XD and many more. One of the most famous team player battle games is Overwatch League. This game, created by Blizzard, is also broadcasted on the channels mentioned above. Coaches and players all over the world participate in thrilling matches in real-time and compete with each other. Watching these people play is also a fascinating experience. 



This platform of live streaming of games has provided people with an opportunity to turn their hobby into a fantastic performance that others can enjoy. Streamers can earn considerable revenue on becoming popular on these platforms. Twitch, YouTube and Facebook are some of the popular streaming platforms for streamers. 


 Certain things a streamer or viewer must know about twitch are as follows:


  • Twitch is one of the most popular websites of streaming with the highest number of viewers and streamers. It is considered as the dominating one among all other platforms. 
  • It has now become an integral part of Amazon. The number of people watching live streams on this website has escalated over the last few years. 
  • It offers a lot of fascinating features and an active community to the popular streamers.
  • Ad deals on these websites allow streamers to make their full-time gig, but most players consider it as a mode of entertainment and interaction.
  • The alluring features offered by this platform allow streamers to interact with the followers and viewers and followers can post comments in the comments section. 
  • Consoles such as Xbox One and PS4 with in-built streaming and recording equipment complements the streaming experience.  


Certain things a streamer or viewer must know about YouTube are as follows:


  • YouTube gaming is the streaming service offered by YouTube though it is not as popular as twitch. 
  • It still offers streamers from all over the world to edit and upload their live streams for their fans.
  • This platform allows various fans to watch the live stream of popular streamers and a lot of content posted on YouTube.
  • It allows streamers to post edited videos or videos after the game. 


Certain things a streamer or viewer must know about Facebook are as follows:


  • Facebook is gaining popularity in the world of online gaming. 
  • There are more than 2 billion audiences showing interest in video game live streaming.
  • This platform is not as crowded as other gaming platforms. 
  • It is one of the best platforms to watch gamers playing a video game online in real-time. 


Necessary tools or equipment needed for live streaming are as follows:


  • A capture device is needed to capture the video without any lag into the game. 
  • Devices such as Elgato and Happauge can be plugged into the computer or console for splitting the video between what people see and what streamers stream. 
  • Certain streamers can stream directly by making use of PlayStation and Xbox.
  • A good quality webcam is also needed for people to see who is playing the game, thereby making the stream quite personable. 
  • Online streaming platforms allow streamers to interact with the audience while they are playing the game with the help of a high definition camera. A streamer can attach the camera to the computer or whatever device he is using for streaming.
  • Interacting while playing with typing anything is one such feature which makes it quick and easy for people to decide whether they want to play or watch. 
  • In case a streamer uses PC for streaming, he has to send his video to a streaming service which means making use of software for distributing and encoding the stream. 


A streamer can also make use of open-source software which is quite powerful, flexible and allows them to record or stream videos without any cost. It is popular among most of the pro streamers because of its practical functionality and flexibility in working with any streaming service. The setting up of this software may take some time, but it is relatively convenient for getting started.


Wirecast plays a very vital role in the streaming of video games. Many professional streamers and produces use it because of the optimization, power and flexibility it offers to send streams. This commercial software is slightly cost-consuming but is best in case the user wants to add fancy transitions. It is quite effective if the user wants to stream videos on various services.


XSlit is powerful and easy to operate the software. It allows users to have access to a free introductory version. It also makes it easy for the users who like the interface and features of the software to upgrade the account to an account with more productive and broadcasting tools. 


The GeForce Shadow play is an exquisite choice of software for the user with Nvidia graphic card as it allows users to initiate streaming at a larger platform with just a few clicks. Furthermore, the availability of tools to replay and record the game moments makes it a popular one among the gamers. 


Gamers all over the world can Download GameSee App now to have a comfortable and unforgettable experience of live streaming of video games on their mobiles. GameSee allows streamers to have exposure to diverse communities and unlimited opportunities. It is the right platform for gamers of all age groups having the distinct background and gaming skills and talent.


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