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How to Lose Weight with Male Chastity?

Personal goals like losing a few pounds or changing your body shape can be easily done with regular exercise and a balanced diet. Of course, fat burners will reduce weight too. Simple, isn’t it?

The main issue men face after the weight loss is preventing the weight from piling back on. No matter how excited you are or how much time you spend planning your exercise routine and meal plans, there is something that slows down the process after some time.

Setting your targets and achieving them is not always enough. But there is one thing that exists and can help you achieve your weight loss goals, orgasms. Undoubtedly it feels great. But the question is, what would you do to earn your next orgasm if the opportunity to have sex with your partner or masturbate was taken away from you until you met your targets? You would spend some little time at the gym or walk an extra mile if you got to cum.

Sticking to your gym schedule and waking up early in the morning is one thing, but if you get an opportunity to get laid, will you be strong enough to reject it? There is one solution that will take that choice away from you. It is male chastity. Male chastity for weight loss is one of the best ways to lose weight and have a healthy lifestyle. It means you give up on your sexual pleasures and become submissive to your partner. 

Before you choose male chastity for weight loss there are a few things you need to do. Some of them are mentioned below.


     You need to discuss your fitness goals and male chastity with your partner or someone you trust.

     Discuss and plan a punishment and reward system.

     Enjoy your male chastity for weight loss but do it safely.

     Orgasms should be a reward for every punishment.


Are you wondering what you need to actually do to reduce your weight? You can always consult a nutritionist or a personal trainer to help you out.

Here are some of the tips which will help you get started.

      Diet and nutrition: Decide on your calorie intake for each day and follow it. Do not forget to record your calorie intake. Note down everything you eat and drink.

      Plan your meal: Decide on ad plan your meal for every week. Also, make sure you stick to your daily goal and do not overeat. You need to add proteins, vegetables, and some fruits to your diet. Cut down on carbohydrates, fats, and sugars.

      Cut down on alcohol and other unhealthy foods: If you and your partner think you are overdoing alcohol and junk foods, it is always a good idea to cut it down.

      Exercise regularly: If you are a gym person you can try going to the gym and working out with your partner. Remember exercising together is great and super fun. Do not worry. If you are not a gym person, you can exercise at home all by yourself. There are so many fitness videos and websites that provide you with exercise videos.

Take away

Weight loss is a daunting process. Male chastity for weight loss is becoming very popular among young couples. If you follow the right diet plans and regular exercising you and your chastity partner can meet the goals successfully. Social Maximizers is one of the best places to find all the information you need to know about male chastity. Not only does it provide content on male chastity, but you can also find some effective content ranging from health to technology. So what are you waiting for? Hop on!

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