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How to Maintain a Carpet after Professional Cleaning?

Accumulation of stains and dust particles on the carpet is an ongoing process. The rate of collection might vary but the problems always reoccur after some time. Depending on the carpet area, material, colour, traffic and presence of pets, this rate can be different at different places. So, if you are an alert homeowner who always schedule carpet cleaning service after six months, then you should also know about the tips that must be followed after carpet cleaning. They are essential to keep the results achieved by carpet cleaning Melbourne specialists for a long time. Have a look at the following helpful measures:

  • Don’t Walk on the Carpet Immediately

You are supposed to wait for at least some hours or an entire day to ensure that the carpet gets completely dry. Whether you have booked carpet steam cleaning Melbourne or hot water extraction, it should be noted that freshly cleaned carpets are more susceptible to stains and dirt. The moisture left in the carpet can convert the dust and soil on your shoes to dirt.

  • Think Twice before Moving the Furniture

Heavy sofas and space-taking chairs are only going to put some scratch marks on a little wet carpet. They also put a restriction for sunlight and air circulation. Wait for carpets to dry so that the furniture does not impart its colour on the wet carpet.

  • Don’t Let the Spots Dry

If anything falls on the carpet, it is important to remove it as soon as possible. Whether it’s red wine, dessert, chocolate or anything else, cleaning the spills immediately prevents the formation of stains. This step is beneficial in sustaining the appearance and health of the carpet.

  • Don’t Bring Shoes Inside

Your footwear carries lots of debris and allergens. Keeping the dirty shoes straight on the carpet can ruin the amazing results of professional cleaning. It is better to remove the shoes outside the door to prevent the carpet from getting dirty. Even placing doormats and rugs can significantly reduce the collection of dirt and dust on the carpet.

  • Don’t Let the Pets Go Near the Carpet

Pets can cause a complete mess on the carpet. Urine, vomit spills, furs and dirty paws can spoil the cleanliness of a carpet. If you want to keep a good gap of some months before the next carpet steam cleaning Melbourne service, then try to keep pets away from the carpet.


Hiring professional carpet cleaning Melbourne service providers after every month can be a bit costly. Instead of waiting for the carpet to get dirty and spoiled, it is a wise idea to follow some measures that can reduce the collection of debris on the carpet.

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