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How to maintain white kitchens with fabuwood white cabinets

White kitchen cabinets are getting famous with every passing day. No doubt they are trendy as well as timeless. Also, homeowners love to add these cabinets to add luxurious appeal. In white kitchens, major components include white cabinets, white countertops, backsplash, and appliances. However, you can add a bright, crisp, and authentic appeal. White kitchens not only develop a deep sense of tranquility but also add crispiness.


Despite all these advantages, most of the homeowners still feel shy to add white in the kitchens. However, it is mainly because of the tough cleaning.  No doubt they are difficult to maintain. But, by following the right tips, you can get the most out of your fabuwood white cabinets

  1. Use blind to protect the fabuwood white cabinets

  2. Turn on the exhaust fan to avoid grease 

  3. Use some mild detergents to clean the cabinets 

  4. Use bleach to clean sinks 

  5. Clean the backsplash

best kitchens with white cabinets

Tip no 1: Use a blind to protect the fabuwood white cabinets

Indeed, sunlight is one of the best lighting sources in any kitchen. However, this light is one of the plus points for white kitchens. Well, they tend to reflect the light. So, your kitchen is brighter than usual. Also, illuminated kitchens look beautiful. However, excessive sunlight and UV radiation can cause damage. So, they can cause white cabinets and countertops to get yellow over time.

For this reason, you need to add blinds. Try to install high-quality blinds. Moreover, you can also add tinted glass or curtains.

Tip no 2: Turn on the exhaust fan to avoid grease 

Of course, nobody likes grease on the fabuwood white cabinets. Well, you need to put a little effort into avoiding this. White cabinets look too dirty with grease. Every time you prepare food or cook it on the stove, grease particles will accumulate. However, this will also result in dirty countertops.

When you have a white kitchen, it's even more critical for you to prevent the grease from building up. If you cook oily food too much, there are more chances of an untidy backsplash. For this reason, it is essential to clean the cabinets. Well, you can use an exhaust fan for this purpose. 

Also, you can use a hood for cooking. Indeed, these are the best ways to avoid grease in kitchens.

Tip no 3: Use some mild detergents to clean the cabinets 

Aside from prohibiting grease build-up in your kitchen, you should maintain a month-to-month kitchen cleaning schedule. Yet, numerous cleaning products are available; it is always a good idea to create natural cleaning solutions for your white cabinets or J & K Cabinets, countertops, and backsplash also.

It's simple to make your cleanser: for this purpose, take some vinegar. For instance, one part of vinegar needs two cups of water. However, you can also add some baking soda. It is mainly to make a good consistency.  Now dip the cloth in it. Apply the solution on cabinets. Wipe them with gentle pressure. Well, you can also use some alternatives. Also, use some mild detergents to clean white kitchens.

Tip no 4: Use bleach to clean sinks 

Sinks are amongst the most common elements in the kitchen that collect dirt quickly. Grimes is even more challenging to remove from white sinks. As a result, they must be cleaned daily to remain clean and flawless.

Fortunately, you can remove the grimes and help stop wear and tear by using bleach.

Here's how to go about it:

  1. Line the lower part of your sinks with paper towels that have been drenched in bleach.

  2. Set aside the bleach-soaked washcloth for thirty min.

  3. Take the towel out of the sink and rinse it with warm water.

Conversely, you can use an alternative of club soda and lime juice and proceed as described above.

Tip no 5: Clean the backsplash

Despite the fact, you are trying hard to maintain the kitchen cabinets. But, still, it is not enough. Well, grout gets accumulated on the backsplash. However, they are more visible on the cabinets with white color. So, it would help if you cleaned the cabinets daily. However, there are some specific ways to clean grout. For instance, prepare a baking soda paste.  

Try to develop a thick consistency. Apply the mixture on the backsplash. Well, you can also spray some vinegar. This will help in better cleaning.  Now scrub it on the walls.  However, you can also use a brush for this purpose. Never let the grouts stay for a long time. Else, they will stay here permanently.


If fabuwood white cabinets are in the open kitchen plans, they are more vulnerable to grease, dirt, and dust. Another factor is the busy household. However, with all these tips, you can easily maintain the look. These do not only help to clean the cabinets but also countertops. Last but not least, these cabinets add a unique spark to all kitchen styles. 

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