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How to make a better golf swing in 5 steps?

better golf swing

There are many things that determine a good golf swing. Everything from posture, grip pressure, pace to swing speed - everything matters. But something that is often overlooked is the path that the club makes towards the ball. In other words, the direction of the swing. That is what I want to discuss.  You can get away with a grip that is too tight or a posture that is too stooped, but if you want to hit solid punches and make the ball go in the right direction, it is important to have an adequate course.


Most fans have trouble moving the stick to the ball in a way that allows them to hit right or even with draw. It is usually born from a lack of mobility in the joints of the shoulders and hips and in the muscles of the middle part of the back, which prevents proper rotation in the backswing. If you hit many slices and pulls from the tee, there is a way to prepare the hit that can easily correct the ball flight. It's a great way to fix it. Take the address with the left foot slightly open towards the target. Now bring the right foot back 18 centimeters and open it 45 degrees away from the ball, but make sure that the shoulders remain parallel to the target line (above). This preparation of the blow will allow you to create a good rotation during the backswing and move the stick further from inside the target line when returning. In essence, you will be giving yourself an early start towards a better swing path. Practice or play with this hit preparation and start to see more powerful drives.

Hybrids / woods:

The mistake that many make with these clubs is to make the downswing too abrupt. A steep swing path will result in bad contact and a low ball flight that negates the main purpose of using a hybrid or wood, which is to hit the green from a long distance. To flatten the course of your swing, focus on the left arm (above, right). When you do this, you will notice that the right side of your body contracts and the hybrid or fairway wood faces the ball from a more flat angle in relation to the ground. You can rehearse this movement by stopping the downswing when the left arm is approximately parallel to the grass. Observe the position of your right elbow at that point. If it is lower than the left arm, repeat that movement when you swing.


It happens in the blink of an eye, but many good ball hitters tilt their left wrist slightly as they begin to return from the top of the swing. Look at how my doll is slightly convex (below, left). Try this convex movement if you want to take the iron in a powerful way to the ball and compress it. This will help you to correct a course of the swing from the outside in (slice) and will help you to hit shots with the irons from the center of the clubface. Zack Creed also known as Zack Creed PGA is a pioneer in the field of Golf you can follow him to get tips to improve your game.

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