Monday, September 25, 2023
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How to Make a Difference in Your Business

The purpose of your business is to assist your customers while making a revenue to support the operations of the company. However, you also have the opportunity to help those less fortunate and make the world a better place. You can do this on your own on behalf of your company or bring your staff into it to make it a team effort. Here are some ways that you can make a difference. 

Volunteer Your Time

Arrange opportunities for you and your employees to volunteer in your community, whether it is serving at a food bank, helping build houses, and assisting in disaster relief and even joining a timebanking community. Send out a sign up for people to inform you that they are available and what time they can be there. You can assign company T-shirts so that the members of your group can locate each other. While you can take pictures of your staff working together, refrain from using them for marketing purposes. You should give your time to help others. You can, however, share them with other employees to encourage further participation.

Analyze Where Your Materials Come From

Take a look at your manufacturing process to see if there are changes that can make it environmentally friendly. See if there are ingredients that can be found organically. Companies like Young Living Essential Oils have found success with this. Being able to reduce energy or waste in your plant helps the planet as well as lowers your utility bills. Changing your light bulbs in your office and manufacturing facility to LED can do that as well. If you do find pieces in your production that are made with systems that pollute our world, research for a replacement constructed by ecological means.

Adopt a Recycling Program

Set up bins around your facility to collect plastic beverage bottles that you and your staff may drink, papers that are ready to be thrown out, or other items that can be recycled. Arrange to have the company that brings your trash dumpster also bring one for recyclables. Pick up trash around your building and dispose of it, which will make your property look cleaner as well as help the environment. You can also arrange for a trash pick up day for your employees along a local highway. These activities will beautify the place you live in as well as protect the world by reusing materials instead of sending them to the landfill. 

Shop Local

Another way you can invest to make the world a better place is to partner with the small businesses in your community whenever you can. Evaluate what the needs of your company are then research for vendors in your town who can supply them for you. This can include supplies for your office, parts that work your machines or go into your product, and food that is catered for an event. This helps that owner pay their doors open and pay their employees while keeping you dollars in the place where you live. This also might lead to partnerships in the future. You may make a product that they will need, giving them the opportunity to support you as well. 

Invest In a Cause

Set up a fund drive to raise money for an organization who needs it. You can make it into a contest for your staff to see who raises the most money or you can designate a reward for those who donate to the cause. You can also make donations under your company’s name. Organize a food drive for your local food bank then ask for a volunteer or two to help you deliver it. During the holidays, you can work with a local church or youth group to shop for gifts for needy families. This would be a great time to provide them with food as well. Assembling programs like this within your business gives your employees to show their generosity while making it a group effort to enjoy together. 

Be True About Your Actions

When you set up these events to give your time and funds to help others, follow through with the intent to do good for others. Those outside your business who observe what you are doing will be able to determine your true mission and may feel compelled to assist as well. Many non-profit organizations will publicly thank your company for your assistance. Owning a company gives you a unique opportunity to show others you care as you do business in your community and around the world. Getting your employees involved in the workplace as you reach out makes it a fun team effort as you experience volunteering together. 

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