How to Make a Motorcycle Helmet Quieter


Ensuring a distraction-free is a problem for many motorcyclists. Not making the helmet quiet would result in serious ear damage. It is annoying when the noise or wind gets in your way during your ride. If you are one of those riders who struggle to ride smoothly, there are different ways on how to make a motorcycle helmet quieter.

Best Ways to Make your Helmet Quieter

It is important to ride without any wind or noise bothering you on the road. Not all methods make 100% quiet but eradicate almost all noise to ensure a soundproofing ride. To control the distractions, there are best ways to soundproof your helmet. Such tips mention below:

Wear a Properly Fitted Helmet

Not only wearing the right helmet size will protect your head from the crash but also wearing the right size helps to reduce noise and wind. When wearing your helmet, make sure the helmet must fit snugly onto your head without any space between the helmet and your head. When it comes to cheek pads, the cheek pads must squish like chipmunk cheeks. To soundproof your helmet is to check your helmet fits properly onto your head. If you face any sort of noise, it is time to buy a Best Pink Motorcycle Helmet.

Buy a Quieter Helmet

The type of helmet you wear affects the level of wind and noise during the ride. The open face and half face helmets are the loudest headgears as these two types have the greatest exposure of natural ventilation. More ventilation means more noise and wind on the road. To make the helmet soundproof is to buy a quieter helmet that has definite features to ensure a distraction-free ride. The best helmet that is quieter than other helmet types is to look for a full face helmet.

Wear a Scarf

The turbulence produces wind and noise, which distracts your ride. This enters your helmet through any openings where the helmet meets your neck. One way to block wind and noise is to wear a scarf around your neck. Wearing a scarf helps to make your helmet quieter as the scarf should wear high enough to meet the bottom of the helmet. This creates a shield to prevent the wind and noise from travelling through your helmet.

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Wear a Pair of Earplugs

Some noise levels are very harmful to your ears, which causes earaches and adds further damage to the eardrums. To know how to make a motorcycle helmet quieter is to wear a pair of earplugs. Wearing a pair of earplugs helps to block out the most harmful noise on the road and helps you to ride peacefully. Earplugs are comfortable to wear with your helmet and are made of silicone to absorb the sound when wearing it.

Close Your Helmet Visor

Any part of your helmet that leaves open creates wind and noise. To make the helmet quiet is to simply close your visor and do check that all of the seals are closed when wearing your helmet. A well-designed helmet must be quiet when the vents are in the open position. After closing the visor, make sure the ventilation channels should not bother your ride.

Check the Riding Position

The way you sit on your motorcycle could be the issue of wind and noise as the helmet alone cannot eliminate all of the noise. Some parts of your bike create a vibration. To deal with wind and noise is to check your riding position and try to sit on the cushioned part of the seat. The cushioned part of the seat absorbs all vibrations coming from the bike.

Wear a Facemask

Wearing a facemask is almost the same as wearing a scarf. The facemask helps to block out the wind and noise to ensure a smooth and distraction-free ride. To know how to make a motorcycle helmet quieter is to invest in a good facemask, which will protect any debris from entering your face.

Remove Extra Accessories

The amount of accessories you wear on your helmet creates less turbulence that causes wind and noise on the road. Any turbulence can affect your helmet as the wind and noise can enter into various parts of your headwear. To soundproof your helmet is to remove as many accessories as possible. If your helmet has a Bluetooth device, you can find the Best Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset Review.

Use a Wind Blocker

To deal with wind and noise is to use a wind blocker. A lot of wind can enter underneath your helmet, which disturbs your ride. It is essential to purchase a helmet that has efficient padding in the neck area. If your helmet lacks this feature, you need to use padded helmet support. This helps to seal the open space of the helmet to reduce wind and noise and adds further protection of the neck.

Wrap Up

Here are the different methods on how to make a motorcycle helmet quieter. You can see reducing the wind and noise is important to ensure a safe and distraction-free ride. If any wind or noise bothers you, just refer to these tips above. The quieter your helmet, the safer your ride will be. So follow these tips and enjoy a distraction-free ride!