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How to Make a Statement with Ceiling Paint

Ceiling Paint

The idea of ceiling paint has been widely ignored until recently. Now, you can find the term “statement ceiling” being tossed around by home designers. Still, it’s undeniable that this often-neglected area can too become the focal point of a room; even more so than furniture or flooring.

Still, it takes some thought and planning to get the look right, otherwise your ceiling will be more distracting than awe inspiring. To avoid a chaotic disaster, get the job done by quality painters in Cape Cod. Once they’re finished, everybody who enters the room will constantly be looking up.

However, it’s better to think about what kind of tone you want to create before you go choosing colors. Here are some ideas:

An Intimate Feel

To make the room feel cozy and comforting, try using the wall color on the ceiling too. In fact, some people even paint the floors in the same hue as well. You’ll feel like you stepped through a portal as you enter the room immersed in color.

Another idea is to paint the ceiling in a darker color. This look works particularly well in areas with high ceilings, as the room will feel somehow more enclosed. With the right fixtures, furniture and accents this room could be a new favorite place to gather.

Not to mention, dark eye-catching colors will draw attention away from any mistakes or other undesirable spots in the room.

The Illusion of Space

While dark colored ceilings will enclose the room, a low contrasting and light color scheme will open it up. Try picking a paint that is just a shade or so lighter than your walls. This will make the ceiling seem higher up. Pay attention to natural lighting too, as a glossy color will help bounce the light around the room and virtually push the walls back.

Of course, shades of white and gray are perfect in this regard. In fact, a monochromatic white scheme throughout the room will completely transform it. Quite the opposite of an intimate room, the lighter ceiling hardly seems to be there at all.

An Air of Drama

When one thinks of dramatic ceilings, your mind can’t help but wander into the Sistine Chapel painted by Michelangelo. While you may not get that same look from a house painting service, they can still work to create the same kind of drama for you. The key is to make the ceiling a focal point of the space. It wows visitors every time they walk in the room.

Create a similar appeal at home with patterns, faux stucco, or customized ceilings. Try using neutral wall colors, and contrasting light and dark colors on the ceiling. On the other hand, dramatic and eye-catching walls with a neutral ceiling will have the same effect. You may also go for a pale neutral color scheme all around and choose to add contrasting color touches within your ceiling design.

A Refreshing Vibe

The word refreshing automatically makes you think of bright colors. But it’s not so much about choosing the right color scheme here, it’s what you do with it. For example, you can make accents like trim and molding stand out, by painting them in contrast with the ceiling.

Put a modern spin on it and paint a point of interest in a floor to ceiling stripe of bright paint. This works especially well when paired with neutral colors, as the bright paint immediately draws the eye.

 A Tranquil Atmosphere

Tranquility is often associated with nature, so think of earthy colors such as greens, browns, and beiges for the walls and floors. Naturally, the ceiling will take more to sky and sunset colors such as whites, pale blues, pinks and yellows. With lots of natural lighting, a semi-gloss finish will make this room can seem heavenly.

For a larger room, a darker ceiling color will work well. For a smaller room, open it up with lighter colors. Another idea is to swirl colors such as pink white and yellow in the ceiling to create a peaceful sunset feeling. However, it’s best to ask painting contractors the best way to get something complicated like that done.

Consult with Professional

It’s all too easy for a ceiling painting job to go wrong. Not only is it messy, it's tough to find the right colors to best compliment the room. With the trained eye of professionals, you can receive guidance to create the mood and feel you desire. Hire local experts for a residential painting service today and get the statement ceiling you’ve always wanted.







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