How to Make a Virtual Event Relevant and Register Attendees


As more and more people are working and living their lives from home, virtual events have cropped up to take the place of physical ones. While physical events are generally more intimate, one of the advantages of virtual events is that there is no barrier to entry other than internet access. This means that there’s capacity to invite way more people, particularly those who normally couldn’t afford to travel or leave their families behind for an extended amount of time.

But how do you make a virtual event a success? A lot of it comes down to relevance and a good registration process. With that in mind here’s what you need to do to make your virtual event relevant and set up a good registration process.

Make it Relevant to Our World

It may seem obvious, but virtual events need to take into account the strange circumstances that we currently find ourselves in. You need to make sure that the content is relevant and engaging to the format of a virtual event, and not just a glorified webinar.
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Instead, you want to encourage audience participation and engagement, and acknowledge the world in which we currently live.

Because most people are currently stuck at home, you need to take this into account and provide either pertinent information, distraction, or entertainment for your online event attendees. Not all online events need to be informative, of course, but they do need to address our current circumstances, even if done so indirectly.

Get Event Registration Right

One of the biggest ways to boost turnout, and attract the right kind of people to your event, is to have your event registration set up properly. Instead of using a third-party event registration service, you should house registration on your own website. This can be done through the use of a WordPress event registration application. This application can be installed directly to your website and allows you to control every aspect of your event, from pricing, to ticketing, to what information is collected and how it is applied to the event.

This helps in creating a superior event experience, and is very important when competing for attention in our increasingly digital-first world. Furthermore, using an end-to-end registration application that connects directly with your website can help you with your marketing efforts. It is much easier to track and manage visitors to your own website than ones who visit a third-party website to register for your event. You can use this as an opportunity to remarket to them later, all while saving money on ticketing and registration fees.

When organizing and running a virtual event, you want to make sure that is provides value in the chaotic world we are living in. Furthermore, you should make sure to own the registration process end-to-end so you can have better control over tracking and managing your event attendees. If the business owners wish to use RFID in any of the aforementioned ways, they must first invest in the technology. Rely on a proficient, experienced, and reliable provider who assures quality along with affordability. The tags are also at present easily available at issuer agencies such as banks and at toll plazas. The interested customers need to fill an application form.After all, you want to make sure that whatever virtual event you run ca have a follow-up, and the best way to ensure that that happens is to collect and systemize event attendee information and base future events around their interests and provide information, distraction, or entertainment that helps their lives.