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How To Make An Old House Look New

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Whether you had recently acquired an old home or you wish to renovate your old home, you can use our simple DIY ideas to accomplish that. Some of these ideas can be done in a single day and others will require your time and patience for it to be neatly done. 

1. Painting: my guess is that the walls, ceiling and floors must have worn-out so much that what you see when you walk in is a dull and unpleasant sight. Get everything out of the way and roll out the paintbrush.

If you have no idea of the choice of paint you would love to use, I'll recommend you go for white or cream colour. This colour will make your home look glamorous. You must not paint on crack and peeling walls. Make sure you check for cracks and peels. Get the rough areas to smoothen before you apply paint over it. Your trim should be painted with a greater sheen to make it outstanding. 

In the case of an old home, there are some details about them that you would not want to conceal thereby, losing its charm. You should have that in mind when applying your paint in order to retain those artistic qualities.

Your exterior also needs painting. To accomplish a thorough and constant elegance to your home, you should have it repainted every year or once in two to three years.

 2. Retouch your hardwood: your hardwood needs to be retouched. It must have probably been ruined due to years of use. Restore its shine with the right stain. You'll be surprised how cheap it will be but it will definitely transform your floor, giving it a newness. 

3. Replacement: Replace worn-out items in the house. Check for doorknobs, light switches, toilets and kitchen sinks. Check if your kitchen cabinet is still firm or its colour is fading. Replace or hit nails into the kitchen cabinets and give it a new colour to make it look new and shining. Having a paintbrush will make your work easier and cheaper since it's a DIY job.

4. Patio: Make your patio look attractive by giving it a beautiful colour. You can go creative and have the tiles painted in varying colours or you may consider installing a cheap garden decking. No matter how old a patio or garden is, colouring it will give it a new look and add elegance to it. 

5. Carpets and rugs: Simply roll the old rug away and have it replaced with a new and sophisticated rug design.  Rugs should be specifically placed over hardwood flooring but you can leave out the tiles area and have it rather painted.

6. Lightening: You might be surprised at how effective lightening up a home makes it look divine. Having lights all over the house will make it look new because everything will be illuminated with the brightness of the lights. Table lamps and floor lamps should be added.

7. Replace old furniture: You'll wonder if I have to say this, but it is important that old furniture should be replaced with new and sophisticated ones in the market. Having old furniture around will still give your home the old taste to it. You can also go ahead to change the position of your furniture. You will be surprised at the transformation it brings so much that you'll have yourself wondering why you haven't thought of doing that before.

8. Curtains: Replace your old curtains with a new set on all windows. Or have drapery installed? Draperies will help to hide some glitch to your window and walls. And give your home a breathtaking appearance.

9. Install new doors: Although old homes come with their charms, old doors are not one of them. For a fine furnish, have your old door replaced with new ones. Especially your front door. It is through that day that your guests enter your home, start dazzling them right from the front door.

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