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Many people still find it awkward as death is a taboo subject in many cultures in 21 century as well. However, now there is an increasing trend in people pre-planning their funerals, memorial and headstone making services. This upwards trend more than ever before shows it has more benefits and there is no need to be shy about talking about your own last services and plan them with your family. 


To encourage you to break the shackles and talk about your last wishes with your family, here are some of the benefits you and your family will get by pre-planning your funeral. 


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Financial Ease


Inflating times often go tight for many families, unfortunately, the funerals when needed are an inevitable expense. By pre-planning your funeral you can ease the financial burden your family may face at the time of grief. Moreover, many funeral and memorial companies offer discounts on pre-planned memorial services and you can also keep on paying in installments or make arrangements whenever you feel like having some extra money. Doing this will save the need to pay the lump sum amount after the fact. 

Avoid Inflation 


As all the economies face inflation over the period of time. The thing you can get for $100 today will surely cost more than that in the future. So, if you plan your future funeral today you are surely saving yourself and your family to experience the impacts of future inflation. 

Attention To Details


When you pre-plan your funeral you can take as much time as you want to complete the preparations for your last services. This allows you to pay attention to minute details which are often overlooked when preparing for the funeral and memorial ceremony after mortem. 

Shop Around 


You often shop around before deciding on your house, or areas where you live. So you should shop around to find the right funeral home as well. The pre-planning funeral can provide you the chance to find the best place as your final resting place. Pre-planning should never start when you fall sick as you are left with little energy at that time. So give yourself more time to shop around and decide the place.

Prevent Additional Stress To Your Family


Losing a loved one can be the most heartbreaking and stressful time one can ever experience. The responsibility of carrying on the funeral with all respect and preparing for it can be another burden at the saddening period of time. If you have pre-planned most of your funeral, this will prevent your family from going through the process of preparing and paying for your funeral in a limited time which is usually a week. 


Ask Right Questions


When you are the one planning your own funeral and memorial you can ask the questions directly to the funeral director the question you want to be asked for your resting place. This way you can assess whether the answers are right for you or not. You can decide if the choice you are making fits better to your needs and wishes. 

Have It Your Way

No doubt after you pass away your family and loved ones will do their best to carry your memorial with all respect and honor. However, no one knows you better than yourself. So when pre-planning your funeral, you can get the things done just as you want and perfectly according to your wishes.

Work With The Right Person


Dynamics between the funeral director and the family of the departed is essential. So, when planning your own funeral you can meet with various funeral directors and decide the one that you feel will work best according to your wishes and comfort and console your family as well. 


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