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How to make cardboard box car?

If you have many cardboard boxes at your home and you want to do something interesting with them, there are a number of things you can make. Engage your kids with you to spend a couple of hours in a productive manner. By little creativity, you can create something fascinating which your kids enjoy. Making a cardboard box car is an interesting idea. It's a creative challenge and involves brainstorming. Let your kid decorate and paint it in the way he wants. It would be a great DIY project free of cost.


Materials required:

Cardboard car is an easy craft on which you and your children can work together. Large custom boxes can be transformed into kid's size card while smaller custom packaging boxes can be converted into little toy cars. You need nothing to purchase from the market rather all these things might be available at your home. The things you need are:

  • Large empty cardboard boxes/sheets
  • 5 circles of cardboard, 4 for tires and 1 for the steering wheel
  • Paper Tape
  • Wrapping Paper
  • Acrylic Paints
  • Scissors
  • Adhesive Glue

Step 1: Collect the Boxes

Find three large boxes of the same size or same width. You can definitely find some of the old custom cardboard boxes in your storeroom. The box to be used in the middle should be large enough to make your kid sit in. Tape the first box completely from left to right. Tape the second box only from the bottom, whereas thirds box should be a tape from the top.


Step 2: Cover it

In order to cover the custom printed boxes use a wrapping paper of any color. It gives strength and a neat look to the car and appears less messy than paints. Cover the back and front part of the car completely. The middle box should be left open. Keep the front flap in its place while cut or bend the back flap. The front flap will become the car's windscreen.


Step 3: Make the Doors and Windscreen

Next step is to make car doors. Use scrap cards or old custom boxes to make the template of the door. Trace the shape on the middle box and cut the marked line. Keep it attached from the back side so that the door may not fall off and remain attached to the car. You can also create a handle for the door. Make it by using some old belt or a wire. Making windscreen is comparatively easy. Mark the area on the front flap of the middle box. Cut it with a blade.

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Step 4: Design the Wheels and Headlights

There are different ways to design wheels for your car. You can use plastic plates or craft foam. If you do not have both of them there is another way. Cut A3 paper sheet or any of the custom cardboard boxes in the round and paint them in black. Use a strong glue to attach the wheels to the car. The same process should be repeated to make headlights. Paint them in white.


Step 5: Attach the Steering Wheel

Any of the custom boxes left previously can be used to make steering wheel. Make a round shape by using any of the round household objects. Cut with sharp scissors. To make it strong glue it on a strong cardboard sheet. Finally, fix it on the inside of the windscreen as shown in the picture below. Make your kid inside it and enjoy the drive.



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