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How to make creative things with cardboard boxes

With the advancement in technology as we get new ways of doing things but some things stay the same. For example, in the United States, as mostly the products are shipped in cardboard boxes so once the goods are safely removed from the boxes they are usually broken or toss for recycling but have you ever thought of giving them a new life? It just needs a little effort by breaking, cutting, painting, and wrapping they can design into endless possibilities. This does not only reduce the waste but also helps you to protect the environment by recycling them in different ways. Here are some amazing ideas that will help you make creative things with your excess cardboard loads.


Gift boxes:

Many times this happens that you buy a thing as a gift but do not have anything to pack it in. Thus you use small cardboard boxes for wrapping your gift inside. Products like watch perfume or a wine bottle can easily tuck in to present someone as a birthday or anniversary gift. A ribbon tied neatly can give it a more enchanting look.


Stylish Storage boxes:

 You can buy some different-sized cardboard boxes for sale and make them into your storage boxes. If you do not have enough space in your cupboard or cabinets are full to hold on to the things then this is the perfect creation to use. Simply paint cardboard storage boxes with your favorite colors and put the things inside to make your room look neat and well organized.


Cats scratch fever:

Do you have pets at home and they scratch furniture leaving scars on them then this is for you. Just save furniture and wooden things by making a scratching pad for them. Cardboard boxes near me can be used to open up into a mat shape so that your pets like cats can scratch their paws on it. Even though the boxes can be made into a comfortable sleeping bed for the pets.


Photo frames:

 Although it is the era of the digital world taking a selfie-and storing memories in the cell phone still a photo frame can be a good option for a wall or to be placed on a side table. Cardboard photo frames are so easy to make and they can be customized in all the ways you want. They can be cut into a variety of shapes and can be gifted to someone on any occasion. They are cheap and provide an amazing way to display your pictures wherever you put them. 


Save your jewelry:

Jewelry is a very important and delicate thing for both men and women. It needs to be handling with care and stored somewhere; it can easily be reached when needed.  Cardboard jewelry boxes are the perfect need of the time. They not only encase your ornaments but keep them safe from dust, moisture, and sunlight that may alter their appearance.


Playhouse for kids:

Cardboard cartons can be huge fun for the kids. Little girls love to dream about the castle for their dolls that can be created by these boxes. The compartments can be used to make different rooms of the castle and they can place their doll’s furniture like chairs, table, and bed. 


Grocery store:

Let your children learn about new things by making learning fun and safe with your cardboard crates. They can be organized in a way to make them into a grocery store. Children can put the real fruits and vegetables in each crate or use their toy food factory to enjoy this healthy activity.


Art and craft:

Whether it’s you or your children art craft is a fantastic hobby to spend quality time on. Let your creativity flow by using these cardboard folds for making Christmas tree hangings, cards, stars, and hanging lanterns. DIY crafts are very creative and cheap to do. They can easily be performed by using the things that are available to you at home like glue, scissors, and threads. The hanging decors look perfect for the events.


Go eco-friendly:

Instead of using plastic pots try using these boxes for your plant pots. Take a big or small crate according to the space you have then line it with a plastic bag and poke some holes for the drainage. You can now move the plant to its new pretty home.


So next time before throwing away your shipping boxes do have a look at some of these simple and innovative ideas to make creative things out of your old empty cardboard box.

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