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How to Make Curling Wands Last

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The joy of having a device is that it should do a perfect job for you and last long, if any device does not last long it's considered as a waste.

Different curling wands have different life span, and how you take care of them also determine how long you'll use it. You can buy the most expensive curling wand today and it may get spoil the following week just because you're unable to give it the perfect care it requires.

Thus, The Following Are Ways To Make Your Curling Wand Last Long

  1. Get quality wand
  2. Always clean after use
  3. Store in a good place after use
  4. Never overcharge it
  5. Do not use it everyday

Get a quality curling wand

The foundation of having long lasting device is to choose the quality one. Many curling wand brands came into market just to get their money not considering the benefits that users will get from using the curling wands. Users must take note of this by choosing the right and trusted curling wand so that it will last long.

A friend once bought a television at a cheap price two months ago and just last week, the television refused to work again. Don't go for cheap curling wands all in the name of getting a curling wand, go for curling wands that are trusted and are of good quality. Before you buy any curling wand, check for their customers’ reviews.

This will help you to get a quality curling wands that usually last longer than those that can't be trusted. Some curling wand companies offers you guarantee of 30 days in which you can return the curling wand after 30 days if you're not satisfied with the device and they'll repay you in full, Curlyqueen is one major company that does this. Curlyqueen hair wand has proven to be the best quality of curling wand over the years.

Always clean after use

Just like every other device which requires you to clean them after use, curling wands also need to be cleaned very well after using them, clean with fine steel wool, a window cleaner and a towel. Make sure you clean it so as to prevent it from rusting and in other not to give your hair that smelling odor, especially the curling wand made of metal can get rust if not cleaned properly after use.

Another major way you can clean your curling wand is to get rubbing alcohol, baking soda, toothbrush, and damp rag. To clean your curling wand, you need to dip the toothbrush into the rubbing alcohol, then dip it in the baking soda and use it to brush your curling wand.

After that, clean the baking soda off the iron with the damp rag and this promises you excellent result. You have your curling wand cleaned and with this method your curling wand is assured of long life. This is a fast and convenient method to clean your curling wand in other to keep it in a perfect condition and make the curling wand last long.

Hair Curling ExpertsCurlyQueen says you can also clean your curling wand with ammonia; ammonia is used to break down the stubborn grime or stains caused by wine, cooking grease and all types of styling build ups. Cleaning with ammonia works perfectly for ceramic, ceramic-titanium and ceramic tourmaline. To clean your curling wand with ammonia you need to saturate the cotton pad with the solution and apply it over the barrel of the curling wand.

After applying it, leave it for like 2-3 minutes or until it softens the burnt buildups, after this it should be able to wipe off easily. Use dry cleaning cloth to wipe it off and achieve your perfect cleaned curling wand, and make sure to repeat this whenever you want to clean your curling wand. It's very perfect and it ensures that your curling wand lasts long.

Store in a good place after use

Always have a separate place to store your curling wand after use. You can get a magazine holder to store your curling wand when it gets cold, and put it inside the holder and keep in a safe place for future use. Don't just drop your curling wand anywhere in order to ensure the safety of your children and also ensure that your curling wand is in good condition and ready to use when next the need arises. You can also buy an over-the-door show organizer where you can hang your curling wand after use so to ensure it is usable some other time.

Never overcharge your curling wand

If you have a curling wand that is rechargeable always make sure you charge it according to how it's displayed or directed by the manufacturer. For every rechargeable device, the manufacturer will state the charging hours,therefore, make sure when you change your wand it does not exceed those hours, so as to make your curling wand last long.

If hours used in charging the curling wand is more than the one directed by the manufacturer, there's probability that the curling wand will not last long. However, always make sure that the battery of your curling wand is almost low before charging it, by doing these there's guarantee that your curling wand will last long.

Do not use it everyday

Just like human being, devices need rest so also your curling wand. Do not use your curling wand every day in other to make it last long. Aside the fact that using curling wand on your hair daily damages your hair, yet it also damage the curling wand. Make sure you did not use the curling wand more than twice in a week, this is important because it makes your curling wand last long and also protect your hair from damage.

How you maintain your devices determine how long you'll use it. You should care for your curling wand the same way you care for your hair because the wand helps to beautify your hair.

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