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How to Make DIY Cell PhoneCases

Smartphone cover and cases make them look prettier and protect them as well. You can better understand this if you have mistakenly broken one of your phones all because you haven’t protected them with a mobile case. If you have already got a crack on your cell phone screen or camera, then its high time you should use a cell phone cover to keep it safe from any further damage. However, you don’t need to worry even you have got your phone slipped from your hand and got a crack on the screen or camera because you can always consult a professional cell phone repair company to get all your smartphone-related issues fixed ata reasonable price. Well, it’s always better to be precautious before suffering from a loss. You can either buy a cover from a cell phone accessories shop or can do it yourself too. all you need is a bit of creativity, a few tools, and a guide. Here are a few ways you can follow to make a cell phone pouch or cover at home.

Jeans cover

Jeans is an all-in-one fabric that can be used for a lot of purposes. If you are a little creative, you can use this fabric in so many creative ways. Even if you don’t know how to use it creatively, the internet is a blessing. You can find a lot of creative ideas on YouTube to use jeans. To make a cover with jeans, you can wear an old pair of pants. Place your phone on the fabric and trace it using a pen. Then cut it and sew it using a needle or sewing machine. Make sure you make holes at the speaker, camera, and mouthpiece areas to keep all the functions work perfectly.

Hot Glue Gun cover

Another popular cellphone cover DIY idea is a silicone cover using a hot glue gun. You can simply cover your phone with a protective tape that is heat-resistant. Then use the hot glue gun to cover the back of the phone and sides. Make sure you leave the speaker, camera, and mouthpiece areas empty so that you can easily use the phone along with the homemade phone case. What else you can do is to use colorful silicone sticks to make your phone case more fun. You can also make phone covers of different colors to use them at different times. Change the cover on a daily basis or match it with your dress.

Resin Art Cover

Resin art can make your cellphone look uber cool. You can simply use a transparent jelly cover to make some exciting designs on your phone case. Resin art is a way you can use it in a variety of ways. You can use pressed flower petals and dry leaves and harden it with the resin to make a beautiful cell phone case. You can also use alcohol inks and acrylic colors to add a hint of color in your resin mobile case. Resin art looks so cool and is very easy to do. However, make sure you wear proper gloves and spread a mat on the area where you are sitting. Resin can get hard where it is dropped and can make it difficult to clean the area. So, be careful while using it.

Embroidery Patch Pouch

What else you can do to make a DIY cell phone cover is to use an embroidery patch from an old cloth or T-shirt. Cut it as per the size of your phone and stitch the piece to get it fixed around your cell phone. It definitely will look amazing. It, however, requires a little effort to make, but it looks unique and different from those readily available in the market.

Soft Stretchy Fabric

Soft, stretchy fabric from old T-shirts can also work well for making a cell phone cover. You can simply cut it as per your need and sew it to get fixed around your phone. However, this type of fabric cannot protect your phone from liquids, but it can definitely protect your phone from minor slip and toss. In order to protect your phone completely, you should better with other cell phone case ideas. However, this way, you can make your cell phone cool with a matching cloth with your dress or any theme color on occasions and events.

Glitter Cover

Glitter cell phone covers look very fancy and beautiful. You can use this type of cell phone covers at a party or a formal occasion. You can use a glitter case to match with your shoes or purse. Making a glitter phone is very easy, as well. All you need to do is use a clear jelly case and fill it with glitter-filled glue. Make sure you don’t leave tiny space as it may give a dirty and unfinished look. Let the glitter dry for about an hour. Later on, you can use a mod podge glue to coat it. You can also use a gloss varnish to make it look fancier with high reflection.

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