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How to Make High Impact Outdoor Signs

Outdoor signs are meant to establish your brand visually and tell your audience what is on offer, and a well-done outdoor sign can have a very strong impact on the audience. While outdoor signs are easy to implement and affordable, it is also easy to get it wrong and have signs that have very minimal ROI for the brand. You need to be strategic while planning to put up an outdoor sign for it to achieve your objectives.


This is the most important consideration since a poorly placed sign will not be as visible as you need it to be. Your choices could be;

  • Along the road/highway- This is very popular with businesses that target people on the move and their needs mainly food, water, accommodation, gas, and other car maintenance services. This should be 100-250 meters on either side of the road.
  • Storefront sign – This is usually a smaller sign that is meant to be visually disruptive and alert the customer of the immediate presence of the business. This works for all kinds of businesses.
  • Roof signs- This is a compromise between the roadside sign and the storefront sign in that it can be seen from the immediate vicinity like the parking lot, and also from the road.

Bright colors

Understanding the color chart is crucial to know which color works where.  Yellow is known as the most visible color to the human eye, while red is the most attractive and powerful color. Incorporating neon colors will make the sign more attractive to teens and children. Avoid pastel colors especially in urban settings because they blend easily and will make your sign invisible.

Word count

Your audience does not have the time to stop and read long sentences or a paragraph, so it is necessary to keep things brief. Keep the word count under 10 words.

Business location

Is your business located along the highway, an industrial park or a business complex? Each location demands a certain type of sign. If you are in a skyscraper complex, you will need a directory sign on the ground floor, or Highrise signage if you occupy a large part of the floor.

Signage material

Different materials come with their advantages/disadvantages depending on a few factors;

  • Placement of the sign
  • Content on the sign
  • Weather
  • Duration of the sign
  • The emotional tone intended

Wood, for example, gives a rustic feel but will not do well in an area that sees high humidity. Acrylic can hold more colorful content but does poorly in strong sunlight, visit signtag.com for more info about it.

Business operation hours

Is your business done in the usual 9-5? You will not need a lit sign. But if your operation runs for 24 hours, you will need to think about an illuminated sign.


The budget available will have a direct consideration of the size, material, and duration of the sign (local authority fees).

Putting up an outdoor sign involves more than deciding on size and placement. Being strategic about signage ensures that you get the intended impact regardless of the budget.

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