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How To Make Money As A Certified IV In Mental Health

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Heads up:

For every course completed, the next big question has always remained thus; how to monetize my skills. And that’s not exempted for mental health graduates.

Seriously speaking:

After obtaining a cert iv in mental health, you want to enter the industry to unleash your power.

But, as you might have already know:

Finding a starting point for your journey is not easy. At least, it’s not known to be. But say no more with the nuggets shared in this post.

Right here:

I will share with you some super-crazy ways to make money as a certified iv in mental health.

Let’s jump to the first one…

Blog About Mental Health

Truth be told:

Blogging is a popular and saturated way to make money. Well… so it seems. But it depends on the niche you choose. And niches like mental health and wellness are not saturated.

In fact:

There are few certified mental health experts on the web today. So, starting out and getting established will be easier for someone with the edge of certification.

So, what’s the catch?

After creating your blog and constantly publishing expert content, you steadily grow an audience. And once you have an audience, you can monetize it.


There are multiple ways to monetize your mental health blog. Some of them are placing native ads, Adsense PPC, or becoming an affiliate of sellers on ClickBank.

Another way below:

Write, Publish And Sell Books

Smart one:

Selling mental wellness books is seriously lucrative. Especially in this generation of ours where the individual’s mental health is endangered than ever before.

Another thing is:

Publishing and selling a book is much easier and faster than ever before. And to say that you’re only writing a book on what you’re an expert at.

My recommendations:

Some of the platforms where you can instantly get published and start selling are Amazon Kindle and Lulu. Though there are about 120+ more free publishers out there.

Moving on:

Create Online Courses

Another good one here:

You can create video courses on how people can take better care of their mental health. Well, there are just about tons of topics you can create courses around that are related to your expertise.

Great side?

You don’t need to own a blog. Platforms like Udemy and Skillshare some of the largest markets to reach your audience.


Why I like this idea is because of its passive nature. All you have to do is create quality and valuable videos and publish them on these sites. Steady passive income here I come!

Here’s another:


You read that right:

If writing is just not your zen but you are a good speaker, vlogging may be just your thing. But mind you, growing a YouTube audience takes time. Growing an audience of 1000 takes months.

But it’s not a dead-end:

If you put in the work and are consistent with publishing new videos every week or even daily, it’s worth it. I mean, YouTube vloggers are making an average of $1500-2000 per month.


That may not be a lot of money but consider these. First off, creating a YouTube channel costs zero dollars. And you can create yours in minutes.


Compare that with working a 9-5 job. Think about the stress, the daily travel expenses, and taxes. As a YouTuber, you’re your boss and can work anywhere anytime on your mobile phone.


Offer Online Sessions


This is a new and fast-growing market for mental health experts and the best thing to come in is now. The idea is to sell your time and expertise for money by offering paid consultations online.

And you have got options:

You don’t really need a blog or a website though either or both is great. You can start by offering free consultations on popular, relevant social media groups.

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