How to Make Money on Being a Sports Fan


Most people think that if they love sport, but they can’t play professionally for some reason, then it has to remain a side hobby, as there’s nothing to make money on. But you don’t really have to be physically active to profit from your favorite disciplines. The sports industry is wide and varied, and there’s always a way to find something interesting to do for yourself. All you need is your enthusiasm for sports, a little knowledge, and a good idea. When it comes to the last - we’ve got your back. Here are several ways to make money on being a sports fan:

1. Start betting

Do you have good instincts? Or maybe you can always predict who is going to win the match or the race, because of your incredible sports knowledge? Or maybe both? If your answer to any of these questions falls anywhere near positive, you should definitely consider betting. Websites like SportsBet enable you to make predictions (or simply guess) and win some money if you turn out to be right. It’s more of a way to make some pocket money on the side, rather than aim for quitting your day job (unless you start a betting business yourself), so it depends on what you’re looking for. Of course, there’s always some risk when you decide to gamble, but if you stay reasonable and in control of your finances, everything should be fine.

2. Become a commentator

You don’t have to be employed by a sports television station in order to earn money as a commentator, not in the age of the internet. You can start a YouTube channel or your own podcast where you will share your thoughts and reflections about the latest games and the general situations in the industry. A lot of sports fans actually prefer to listen to regular, independent people, rather than journalists and experts who may be present in media because of their connections, long lost fame or even political affiliations.

3. Take sports photos

This is the best option for someone who already feels a little bit like a photographer inside. If you like taking photos and you’re always the one responsible for capturing the moments, why shouldn’t you try making money on it? If photography and sports are your two big passions, you can easily combine them. There’s no need for the best possible spot at a game and an extremely expensive camera - you can go with what you have. Try to find more unusual or personal shots of the sportsmen or even the crowd - look for emotions and the essence of the moment. Then, you can send your photos to sports magazines and websites; most of them don’t normally employ photographers so they have to buy their photos from different sources. If you want to make it your career, of course, you will need a good camera to be able to take good-quality shots of the action, but it’s not necessary from the very beginning. First, you should see if it’s even something for you at all.

4. Write a sports blog

If you don’t feel like making videos or even audio recordings, but you still have your way with words, you can always consider writing about your passion. When you have the knowledge and a genuine interest in a topic, you will always have something interesting to share with other fans or even engage them in discussions; and each discipline has a strong fanbase worldwide. With your own blog, you will be able to express your views and opinions, comment on the latest sports events and on what’s happening in the industry. You will have the opportunity to make money on ads, memberships and affiliate marketing, not to mention that you can become famous.


5. Sell sports memorabilia

If you have been a sports fan for a long time now, then you probably have some collection of items connected to your favorite disciplines or sportsmen (signed cards, jerseys, gear, photographs, etc.), or you at least know how and where to hunt them. Rare or even unique things can easily be sold for thousands of dollars as there are people who have no limits when it comes to completing their collection. You may start visiting flea markets, yard sales, and auctions where you can find some true gems. Or you can create something on your own if you enjoy manual jobs or have some other idea.

Feel inspired yet? Maybe you had an injury that prevents you from becoming a sports star, maybe you lack some talent or only luck, you realized too late that you love sports, or you really like your day job - whatever the reasons why you’re not a professional sportsman, you can still sink into the sports industry and find a very comfortable place for yourself there. All you need are your voice and a little bit of commitment.

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