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How To Make Predictions By Reading Your Kundli Online?


Kundli is the horoscope or a birth chart of an individual. It consists of an astrological diagram that helps evaluate a person's future and make predictions. To find out the Kundli, a person must know their birth time, date of birth, and the place. Expert astrologers find out the Kundli by date of birth, placement of the planets on that day, and during the birth time. Your Kundli will depict all the Planetary angles, planetary positions, and other aspects.


Vedic astrology dictates that a Kundli holds the link between a person's past, present, and future. It will be used to understand a person's human nature, emotional, mental, and spiritual traits. Reading a free Kundli might not be as difficult as it may seem, but you need to know the procedure thoroughly. In this blog, we will discuss it.

Importance of Reading My Kundli

Reading a Kundli can unlock a lot of different facts and aspects of your life for the better. Kundli holds significant importance in a person's life. Here are the top reasons why reading your Kundli might be so imperative -


     A Kundli can be used for marriage and matchmaking decisions. Even now, a lot of people analyze their Kundli before committing to a marriage. The key to a happy and successful marriage lies in what the kundli of both the individuals say. It can help them understand the opportunities and challenges they will face in the long term if they marry now.


     A free Kundli prediction can bring up the kind of obstacles and success a person can experience throughout life. It can help you understand how to deal with different types of problems.


     A Kundli tells a lot about the characteristics, shortcomings, prowess, and overall traits of a person. It reveals the personality you carry and how you are going to change in the coming years of your life.


     Reading the Kundli can help you predict your professional life as well. Many people analyze their Kundli to know more about their wealth, finances, business prospects, challenges, etc. The Kundli allows you to make better business decisions.

How To Read Your Kundali Online?

It is actually quite a simple task if you know the right technique and ways to read a Kundli. Here are the top things you need to keep in Mind and check carefully when reading a Kundli.


Identify The Rising Sign - the first step to reading your Kundli is to identify the rising or ascendant sign. The Planets are denoted by numerical (1 - 12), and the houses are identified by Roman numbers (I - XII). Take a look -


● Aries is denoted as 1.

● Taurus is denoted as 2.

● Gemini is denoted as 3.

● Cancer is denoted as 4.

● Leo is denoted as 5.

● Virgo is denoted as 6.

● Libra is denoted as 7.

● Scorpio is denoted as 8.

● Sagittarius is denoted as 9.

● Capricorn is denoted as 10.

● Aquarius is denoted as 11.

● Pisces is denoted as 12.


Understand the Houses - every Kundli has 12 houses. It signifies the different aspects of your life that include human interests, features, and characteristics. If you want to read about free kundali online, then understanding the influence of these houses is vital for everyone. Here are the details about the different homes that can be related to your Kundli -


     First House - it denotes the physical features and traits, self, characteristics, personality.

     Second house - represents a lot of wealth, primary knowledge, finances, and family.

     Third house - is based on communication, skills, hobbies, efforts, and younger siblings.

     Fourth House - consists of happiness, mother, secondary education, land, vehicle, and property.

     Fifth house - values higher education, creativity, wittiness, love and affair, progeny, and past life experience.

     Sixth House - comprises of debt, profession, diseases, advocacy, enemies.

     Seventh house - tells about marriage, spouse, long-term partnerships and relationships, import-export, and public image.

     Eighth House - the 8th house is about longevity, unexpected incidents, and research.

     Ninth House - beliefs, higher learning, luck, mentor, father, religion, and long-distance travel.

     Tenth House - career, karma or actions, job, and profession.

     Eleventh house - ambitions, income, gains, and elder siblings.

     Twelfth house - financial expenditure.


Understand the 9 Planets - last but not the least, knowing about the 9 solar Planets holds a lot of significance when reading free Kundli prediction. Each planet has its own influence over people's Kundli and, in the long term, affects their lives accordingly. Take a look at the abbreviated form and Vedic significance of the 9 Planets -


     Sun (Su) - Ruler, source of energy and life, the king of all planets, masculine.

     Moon (Mo) - dictates the Mind, inner self, feminine in nature, intellect, fertility, and influences good memory.

     Mercury (Me) - Speech, communication, calculative, witty, and intellectual.

     Mars (Ma) - Courage, passion, physical strength, short-temper, argumentative, and daring, signify younger siblings.

     Venus (Ve) - often gets Materialistic pleasure, love, romance, beauty, music, marriage, friendship, and any form of art.

     Jupiter (Ju) - Spirituality, higher education, and extensive research.

     Saturn (Sa) - Land, property, secret, misfortune, hard work, sorrow, prestige, name, and fame.

     Rahu (Ra) - Foreigners, international travel, grandparents, gambling, drinking, over-ambitious, health problems, and reputation-finance loss.

     Ketu (Ke) - Grandparents, spiritual inclination, superstitions, and closely related to electronics.


So, here are the different aspects you should know of if you want to read your Kundli. Make sure to understand all the three points clearly and then start to find your Kundli details.


Getting to know about your Kundli can unlock a lot more details about your life. You can understand your weaknesses, strengths, character traits, skills, hobbies, challenges, opportunities, and various other aspects. It will surely help you to lead a more organized and disciplined life from here on. You can also choose to visit an expert astrologer and allow them to analyze your Kundli even better. Else you can also get your free kundli online done from a trusted website.








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