How to make Productive use of Microsoft OneNote?

How to make Productive use of Microsoft OneNote?

Have you ever tried to explore the full potential of your Microsoft office application? Aside from the most used applications like MS Word, MS Excel or MS PowerPoint, MS OneNote has served its users more frequently and stands out as one of the most useful application. By using this application, you can organize your notes, details and data altogether at one place. OneNote also keeps itself synced with other computers, which literary means that you can access your data from anywhere, anytime.

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Microsoft is a fabulous yet highly undermined application because many people still don’t even having a   drop of ideas what this is about.

When you first open the Microsoft OneNote, you will be greeted with an excellent introductory “notebook”. Make sure you go through this so you can get a good sense of how robust the application is.

Why OneNote is considered the people’s choice for best apps in Microsoft’s basket?

You will notice your OneNote is running at the left hand side of your screen. Now, think of your spiral binding notebook that you used in your school days. Different tabs will be visible on top of your screen the moment you open your notebook.


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You can think of these tabs as dividers in your physical notebook and each tab serves a different purpose to help you create a remarkable text. If you swipe your mouse on the right side of your screen, you will discover a series of smaller tabs that resembles the sheets of notebook in your binder.

How good OneNote is for big projects?

In case, you are assigned a huge project, you can allocate a whole notebook to it. Or else, you can assign one for your work note and one for your personal work

You can use a set of independent tabs located inside one notebook. Suppose, you have a large project and one tab may not be enough to work with. In case, you want to add more tabs without using a new notebook, you can do this by marking it as a sub-notebook stored within the original notebook.

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