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How To Make Stabilized Whipped Cream Using A Variety Of Ingredients

Stabilized whipped cream is much favored by the experienced homemakers of whipped cream, as it has a major advantage when compared to regular whipped cream. The stabilized whipped cream is known for its freshness to last longer. Compared to ordinary whipped cream that you can buy at the grocery, stabilized whipped cream does not lose its foamy form thats perfect for garnishing food.


Its also a well-known fact that stabilized whipped cream can be crafted through different means. For sure some of the variety of ingredients, needed for the different methods to make stabilized whipped cream, can be found in your kitchen. Thats why youre going to learn the known methods in creating a very stable whipped cream that does not turn liquid too quickly.


Using Unflavored Gelatin

Unflavored gelatin is widely favored by a lot of homemakers because its very cheap and does not affect the taste of the whipped cream. The purpose of gelatin is to set the cream, making it hold its shape for a very long time. It does not get saggy even when exposed to warm temperatures.


All you need to have are the usual ingredients for whipped cream (powdered sugar, chilled heavy cream, and vanilla extract). But this time, add water and gelatin. Sprinkle the gelatin powder on water and leave it for 5 minutes. Be sure to follow the minutes provided to avoid clumps on your whipped cream. Heat the gelatin for 5 to 7 seconds only. You only need to melt the gelatin. 


Add at least 1 teaspoon of cream to the gelatin and mix it for a bit. Heat it on the microwave for 3 to 5 seconds if it gets a bit hard so then it will liquefy again. Apply the heavy cream and start the regular process of whipping the mixture. Add the sugar and vanilla extract once it starts to get foamy. You can either use a whisk or mixer for this, though a mixer is better for efficiency. 


After this, apply the gelatin-cream mixture. Just make sure you mix it until it becomes firm. Do not overmix it because it will turn to butter. 


Use Cornstarch

Cornstarch is also a popular stabilizer for your whipped cream. This variant is capable of thickening your cream as well, making it good for increasing its volume a little bit. It is also cheap just like using unflavored gelatin. All you have to do is proceed with the basic steps in making the whipped cream (whisking the cream and then adding the vanilla extract and powdered sugar once it foams).


But this time, you will add the cornstarch at the same time as adding the sugar and the extract. Thats how simple and easy this method is, which is why others prefer this as a quicker alternative than using gelatin. However, what made most favor the method of using gelatin is because adding cornstarch gives a gritty texture due to the components of the cornstarch itself. 


Just be sure to use 1 to 1 1/2 teaspoon when using this! Applying too much will just ruin this small project of yours, and will not make the mixture foamy as you mix further. You are not baking a pastry after all! Also, cornstarch is known to lessen the sweetness of the whipped cream, which is why you would like to add more powdered sugar to balance the sweetness. You can only double the amount if you are going to use more than 2 cups of heavy cream.


Add Confectioners Sugar

Though there is powdered sugar already, applying either extra amounts of it or by using confectioners sugar, is known to stabilize the whipped cream even more. The reason why is because powdered and confectioners sugar has a starchy component. And guess what that starch is? Thats right, it is also cornstarch, though some would add potato starch instead.


But regardless of which one is it, the starch of these two types of sugar is what makes your whipped cream stay the same for long periods. What made it better than using regular cornstarch is that it does not lessen the sweetness of the whipped cream. However, it does sweeten the whipped cream more, which some might not prefer. But for sure kids would love this stabilized whipped cream variant. 


Stabilized whipped cream is perfect when selling pastries, particularly if you are going to display it. Take note that many favors stabilized whipped cream does not lose its shape for a very long time, making it great for retaining the design of your cakes and other desserts. Whats also fun about it is that its not proven to be too expensive. Its quality will stay even longer if you use nitrous oxide cream charges and refrigerate it in a whipped cream canister. This is because the nitrous oxide has anti-bacterial properties. So better look around in your kitchen for the ingredients, and you can buy cream chargers online and start following these very easy recipes!


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