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How to Make the Most of a Long Journey

Journeys take many forms, and how people tend to feel about them can vary massively. A commute to work, traveling towards a holiday, or even just a journey for the sake of it – each of these carry with them a different connotation. However, regardless of how people feel about the type of journey that they are embarking upon, one thing is common among public transport ventures: boredom. On short journeys, you might not find yourself with this problem, but the longer ones can have you searching for ways to pass the time and watching the clock like nothing else.

Knowing that you might have time you will want to spend on a journey doing something other than looking out of the window isnot really new information, people always tend to pack at least a pair of headphones, after all. That being said, those longer journeys can burn through more activities than you might have prepared and leave you fatigued before you even arrive at your destination, so it is best to come prepared.

Pack at Least a Pair of Headphones

While it is the normal, go-to option when travelling, it is because there is good reason for everyone to take a pair of headphones. Due to the versatility of smartphones and how they tend to go on any given trip, it means you will always have a way to listen to music or a film, making this a very reliable and lightweight choice. The great thing about them is how it makes doing nothing seem so much more enjoyable. Simply staring out of the window becomes a valid way to pass the time with this simple addition. Due to travel sickness, many options (such as reading) on transport such as buses becomes much less viable for many people, so listening to music is one that you can rely on.

Sit Back and Relax

Short or long sometimes the journey itself can be a bit of an effort, so all you want to do is relax until you reach your destination. Fortunately, as mentioned previously, your smartphone will likely tend to go everywhere with you, so this is always a valid option. Whether you just want to try and get some rest, play some games, or visit the online pokies, your choices are varied and you will undoubtedly find something that suits your mood.

If your journey is a commute, then finding this time to squeeze in some extra relaxation can be even more beneficial to provide you some space to mentally prepare for the day ahead.

A Book for the Train

While motion sickness might mean that trying to read on a bus could have less than desirable results, a more consistently moving train makes it a much more realistic way to pass the time. Reading in general carries a wave of benefits with it, so you might find this a more appealing way of passing the time than others. Additionally, the calming nature of some train journeys (especially in the right conditions) can be a good book reading environment, as the changing scenery around you can help evoke your imagination.

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