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How to Make The Most of an Email Lead List For Your Fitness Center?

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The fitness industry is one of the world's oldest and most profitable sectors, and there is always a high demand for fitness centers. With more and more people becoming increasingly conscious about their health and fitness, the growth potential in the fitness center industry is immense. However, just like any other high-profit industry, the fitness center industry has also become competitive over the years. While most fitness centers focus on promoting themselves through social media marketing, they often ignore the importance of the email lead list in their marketing mix. Email lead lists are an excellent way for fitness centers to get in touch with potential customers without directly running expensive social media campaigns. However, email marketing for fitness centers can be a bit tricky. So to help any fitness center owner wondering how they can make the most of their email marketing list, we have created this great article, and we suggest you read on.

Divide your targeted email marketing list into segments

When you buy a targeted email marketing list from a reputed email list provider such as List Giant, you can't just start sending the same email to each address on that list. While the email lists provided by reputed list providers contain relevant email addresses of individuals interested in fitness, they have to be further divided into segments to make full use of the lead lists. Fitness enthusiasts can be of any age, gender, demographic, and each of them will have their own fitness goals. Therefore it is essential to segment your email address list based on the criteria mentioned above. Reputed data list providers provide you with email lists that contain some basic information about the recipient, which makes it easy for you to segment the email list. Once you have segmented the email list, you can send custom-tailored emails to each segment to get the most engagement out of each one.

Send emails containing engaging content

This is a no-brainer; once you have segmented your email lists, you will have to create engaging content for every segment. When creating content for different segments, you will have to keep each segment's fitness goals and needs in mind. For example, when creating email content for females, you can focus on toning tips and light exercise. On the other hand, your male email recipients would be more interested in content related to increasing muscle mass. While lead list services are responsible for providing high-quality email lists, you are responsible for delivering high-quality content. Some email content ideas for fitness center and gym email campaigns include:

·         Weight loss tips

·         Diet and nutritional guides

·         Best gym accessories and drinks to use

·         Tips on how to stay motivated for staying fit

There are many email content ideas apart from the examples mentioned above, and you can get creative when creating email content for each segment in your email list.

Introduce discounts and offers for your email readers

Once you have introduced yourself to the recipients in your targeted email database, you can start sending indirect sales pitches to your potential customers. Offers are a great way to attract new customers to your fitness center while retaining the existing ones. Email-only discount offers can be used to provide a special discount on the membership fee to individuals who sign up using your email campaign; this will make the customers feel like they are getting value for money, but it will also boost your membership. Since fitness centers rely on increasing their membership to improve their profit margins, it makes sense to run customized offers for new and old customers. For example, while you would want to run a discount offer on membership for new members, you would like to offer special discounts and add ons to retain existing customers through email offers.  

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