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How to Make the Most of Your California Advertising

It’s an easy guess that California is our most populous state: well over 40 million people.

But would you have guessed that California ranks 6th in the USA in per-capita spending power; at nearly $70,000 per person? People are ready to spend, giving your business a chance to thrive.

Add in the star-powered and leading-edge backdrop of the California consumer culture. From food to fashion to media and technology, California defines the new and the cutting edge in every area. Will you be the next Apple Computer or Universal Studios?

Even if your business isn’t California based or you haven’t considered Fresno billboards as part of your marketing strategy, the Golden State is easily a top choice. Here’s how to make your ad budget go furthest.

OOH: The Car Culture

Population density equals ad-reach efficiency. Therefore, start your ad spending in the four densest cities: Los Angeles first, followed by San Jose, San Francisco, and Sacramento.

For California advertisers, out-of-home is closely connected to in-your-car. Traffic is a lifestyle, like it or not, and “drive-time” radio is not limited to the morning or evening rush hours: it’s all day long. Los Angeles is the second largest radio market in the country, followed by San Francisco. 

Radio might seem old school, but it remains highly effective to this day. Combine those drive-time ad spots with Fresno billboards and other out-of-home staples to speak to commuters from every angle, any time of day.

Digital and Social Media

In California, trends are everything, and nowadays, most hype starts online. Short-form videos like those on TikTok will continue to expand, with Instagram and YouTube not far behind.

Viewers like the quick hits of entertainment and excitement, so keep that in mind when crafting your online campaigns.

Not everything needs to be high production, however. Many older Millennials and Gen Xers respond better to thoughtful and poignant ads that speak to their sentiments. Remember that these are the folks with the money nowadays, so not everything needs to be Gen-Z-inspired and high-octane.

Social media advertising is an art and a science, but there’s so much more that happens behind the scenes. Search engine optimization and long-form content matter more than ever, and give your brand an authoritative presence online.

While it’s tempting to chase trends online, countless case studies show that consistency is the best ingredient for success long term. Rather than pursuing an endless string of changing hashtags, do what your company does best and embrace your unique approach.

Know Your City-States

Your ad strategy must be regionalized to make the biggest impact. Each area has a distinctive personality and demographics, so get to know them all! With that in mind, the four major metro areas will require your appreciation and application of their unique demographics.

Los Angeles is known for the clothes, the cars, and the stars, complete with bling, plastic surgery, and perfectly curated tans. Status matters in the City of Angels, and people are willing to spend big to get noticed, no matter what level they’re at. The LA influence is strong everywhere, from Venice Beach all the way up north to Fresno billboards. To break through to this crowd, you’ll need to bring your advertising A-game and cut through the noise.

San Diego is like the older, conservative parents of Los Angeles, but they still know how to have fun. The city is more family-oriented, with a big military presence in town. People in this southernmost city are active, both physically and in their communities, so they appreciate businesses that care about these things as well. Meet San Diegans on their terms and speak their language without all the glitz and glamour of Hollywood.

San Francisco is an odd mix of Silicon Valley super wealth and throwback flower power, plus a mix of college town vibes - and some punk rock thrown in for good measure. The demographics are unlike anywhere else on the planet, requiring the close study of each neighborhood to make the most of your OOH spend. Advertising can be tough in SF, but if there’s one market you can’t afford to miss, it’s the Bay Area.

Sacramento seems to be in a different time and place entirely, with a low-key personality and a few rural sensibilities. When you drive past Fresno billboards on the way to the state capital, you’ll see that locals have different priorities from tech millionaires and movie stars. The people are real, down-to-earth, and will support your business if you show loyalty in return.

Your California Ad Strategy, Simplified

California at large shares many macro-characteristics, with truly distinct “city-states” throughout. From your basic Fresno billboards to supercharged social media ad campaigns, there’s money to be made with intelligent advertising.

Expect some trial and error before a big breakthrough, but the effort will be worth it for your business's success in the Golden State.

Syandita Malakar
Syandita Malakar
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