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How To Make The Most Out Of Your Monday?


How To Make The Most Out Of Your Monday?

A lazy or luxurious weekend has ended and it’s Monday again. After the sweet break, it’s time to get back to work again. This is since school time we all have some sought of hatred towards Monday. Monday bursts our weekend fun bubble. First in school and now in offices, you will see people with dull faces, sleep in the eyes, and laziness in the body on Monday. Some will be  dreams of the trip they had at the weekend, some would still be stuck with the last night hangover, some will be in regret for not having done anything on their weekend. So, Monday is a day when the mind is off.


Yes, all this emotional state of mind is totally true, but let me give you a rude awakening about the true situation. According to the study of the Redbooth, Monday is considered to be the most productive day of the week. The highest amount of tasks are accomplished on Monday. We generally believe that Friday considered to be the last day will be more productive as we all are in a good mood. But, but, but, it's not. Let's have a look at the numbers, as numbers don’t lie. 20.4% of the tasks are completed on Monday whereas only 16.7% of the task is completed on Friday. The closest competition for Monday is Tuesday helping you complete 20.2% of your works.


Let's get back to the school days, Remember when you were absent in the class for a day, the next one is the most hectic day for you. You have a lot of catching up to do, take notes of the missed lectures, copy them and understand them to know what’s going on in the current lecture. Coming to the office on Monday is almost similar, you have a lot of catching up to do. The productivity level on the other weekdays from Wednesday to Friday is low with Saturday and Sunday off, which makes Monday really productive and purely work oriented.


So, Why This Monday Madness?

monday madness

We take resolutions from the new year. The basic human thought is lets set back the mistakes done in the past and take a fresh start from the new year. In your work, you can’t wait for an entire year to continue making mistakes, so Monday is like your new year meant for making new resolutions. You have weekly targets to achieve and at the end of the week, your mind is all about completing those targets, stress, pressure, and boredom which kills innovation and productivity.


Monday makes you feel like you have left all those baggage behind and it's an entirely new story to be written. So, Monday is all about madness, you are an energy ball want to pick on all the tough jobs and get it done right at the start to be stress-free at the end of the week.


Well, you are not the only one going through this rush. Being the CEO of a mobile app development company, I go through the same rush as you go through.  Dealing with the routines, handing over the tasks, and following all those, managing employees and clients also gets me on monday.


What Are The Monday Missions?

  • Plan for the entire week target.
  • Cope with the undone tasks of the past week.
  • Check the bulk of accumulated emails and reply to the important ones.
  • Hold the meetings and assign the tasks to the subordinates.
  • Check with the superiors and know what’s coming ahead.
  • Allot particular time to do a particular job and get the job done within that time frame.


When you get to the office, at least half an hour or forty-five minutes go in settling up. Setting the desk, greeting the comrades and asking them about the weekend, and going through numerous emails. Half of the day will be gone in sorting all this stuff and getting started with the actual work. This is when you get pressurized and your mind and body start working more actively and generate productivity, better than any other day in the week.


Monday is good for productivity, so make sure to utilize it to its optimum. Chuck off the useless things and save time for the actual things. Say for example, just contribute ten minutes checking out the mails from home, get rid of the spammy emails and mark the important ones. This will save you lots of time. There is no better satisfaction than knowing that you had done something new, invested time at the right place and got some great output. So, stop cursing Monday and start adoring it.


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