How to Make Video Calls on Your Computer


You can make video calls on your computer by using free software like Skype, FaceTime, and Messenger. You have to first download one of the software on your Windows PC or Mac and after that, create an account on it or in case you are already an existing user, then enter email address and password. Here’s how to make video calls on your computer.

Steps to Make Video  Calls with Skype

•    Go to Skype on the Windows PC or Mac. It resembles an azure and white color “S” symbol. You will get this symbol on the Start window, or in the default Apps folder on your Mac.

•    In case you are not logged in yet, then log in by entering the email ID, contact number and Skype ID.

•    Tap on the address book symbol given on the upper left-hand side of the screen. It is located on top of the chats menu given on the left column. Now, the contacts list start showing on the screen.

•    Choose any one contact by going to the drop-down list. It will open the conversation window on the right column of the Skype screen.

•    Tap on the video camera symbol located on the upper right-hand side of the display. After clicking on the symbol, it will begin the video call with the selected contact.

Steps to Make Video Calls with FaceTime

•    Go to the FaceTime which is already installed on the Mac. It resembles an olive color application having a camera and phone symbol on it, and you will find the application in the default Apps folder in the Mac.

•    You can only use FaceTime only on your Mac.

•    Tap on the Video option given on the upper left-hand side of the screen. In case the FaceTime application opens to the Audio window, then press here and change the audio to the video window.

•    Tap on the text field given at the upper side of the display. In case you wish to find any contact, then you can do so by entering the name of that contact into the text box.

•    Press the video camera symbol near the name of the selected contact. Now the video call gets started with the contact you have to chosen to make a video call.

•    In case you are not able to get a video camera symbol, this means the selected contact does not have an account on FaceTime.

Steps to Make Video  Calls with Messenger

•    Launch the Messenger in the browsing application.

•    Press the text field given on the upper left-hand side.

•    Tap on the contact with whom you wish to make a video call.

•    Tap on an azure color video camera symbol provided on the upper right-hand side.
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