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How to make your Air Conditioning unit more efficient

With extreme weather conditions becoming more of a reality, many homeowners are starting to look for more effective Air Conditioning systems for their homes. While technology has brought many effective solutions in terms of Air conditioning units, they do come with their downsides.

One of the major complaints about air conditioning units is that they use too much electricity. This is true. According to many researchers, the air conditioning unit makes up for a significant portion of the energy bill in your house every month. However, it has become a necessity nowadays, as heatwaves are becoming more common in the summer.

Fortunately, there are ways to make your air conditioning unit more efficient and save on energy costs. Many of these steps do not require any investment and can have a significant impact on the quality of the air conditioning system.

Steps you can take to improve the efficiency of your air conditioning unit:

-      Fix any leaks around doors and windows and vents

One of the main causes of poor air conditioning is the presence of leaks in the room that cause cool air to escape. This results in a loss of energy and less cooling. You can seal any open spaces around doors and windows to prevent cool air from escaping. While duct tape might work in some cases, it is better to have a professional inspect the room and identify any leaks that you might have missed. They will also suggest creative ways to seal the spaces without affecting the design of your room.

-      Make sure that the air vents are unblocked

In many cases, dust and other materials can get stuck in the air vents, causing a blockage. This can disrupt the airflow and result in less effective cooling. You should take care to inspect your vents regularly and remove any dirt that might have accumulated there. You could use a vacuum to clean the indoor vents and remove dust particles. Keep the vents clear of curtains, toys and other things that might block the airflow. You’ll start noticing a significant difference in the level of cooling.

-      Take care of your thermostat

One of the main reasons why many air conditioning systems use a lot of energy is because many people often misuse the thermostat. Make sure that no heat producing items are near the thermostat, as this could give a wrong indication of the actual temperature of your home and the air conditioner will use more energy to bring the temperature down. Also, make sure that there is proper airflow around the condenser and it is in a shaded place. Try not to reset the thermostat often as it could affect the cooling.

-      Buy the right size air conditioner

If your air cooling system is using too much energy, it could be because it’s the wrong size for your room. An air conditioning unit that is too big will also result in more energy usage and one that is smaller will have ineffective cooling. Buying the right sized air conditioning unit will result in more effective cooling and lower energy costs.

Before choosing an air-conditioning unit it is important that you consult with an expert service such as Alpha & Omega Air Sutherland Shire. They will look at the size of your room and other factors that may affect the cooling system, such as the angle of the sun, the positioning of the room and whether it is located on the ground floor or higher up. By considering all these factors and getting professional advice, you will be able to buy the right-sized air conditioning system and get optimal cooling for your home.

-      Get regular maintenance

Just like all other appliances, the air conditioning unit will require regular maintenance to function optimally. You should clean the air filter at least once every 6 months and get full maintenance done once a year.

You could call a professional service to help clean any dust that might have accumulated in the unit. They will use specialized equipment to wash the unit thoroughly and make it new again. Cleaning the air conditioning unit and the condenser will help increase its efficiency and also the lifetime of your unit.

-      Prevent direct sunlight from entering the room

While the air conditioning unit will certainly cool the air inside your home if the windows and doors are closed, you can increase the efficiency by preventing direct sunlight from entering through the windows. Close the curtains during the hottest part of the day, or when the sun’s rays enter through the window. It helps keep the temperature down and may reduce energy usage.

-      Use a ceiling fan

If your home design allows for it, then you can use a ceiling fan to improve the air circulation in the room and help it cool down faster. You can set the ceiling fan to a slower speed and use it with the air conditioner. This will help cool the room much quicker as the fan improves air circulation. It also allows you to feel the same effects when you set the temperature a bit higher. However, try not to put the fan too fast as it can affect the cooling negatively.

Save on costs in the long run

While some of these steps may involve minor costs, none of them requires expensive equipment, and so you can do them without affecting your budget. While you may not have the time to clean the entire system regularly, remember that maintenance costs are usually less than the extra energy costs that you have to incur because of the poor functioning of the air conditioner.

It’s the small things that have a major impact on the effectiveness of your air conditioning system and doing them regularly will help you cut down on energy costs significantly. Having the right system is also crucial and ensuring that it is properly installed will help your air conditioner last longer and function more efficiently.

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