How to Make Your House Child-Safe

Child Home

There are many ways in which your children can be endangered by your adult-focused house. There can be too many dangerous products in the kitchen, pointed objects in the living room or even a simple carpet in the hallway that can trip your baby with hurtful fall. With any typical adult house, it's very easy to get your children hurt, especially when you are preoccupied with house chores or distracted by work. What’s worse, most parents are very weak at detecting the potential ways in which their house can present harm to their babies. A viable solution to this is to change the space in your house and monitor it to create a safe environment for your children. Below we offer some important guidelines about harmful objects and precautions to make your house child-safe. Let’s have a look.

Hiding Harmful Objects Away:

Your little children are capable of manipulating objects much better than you think. It doesn’t matter if they are too young to open objects or too short to reach them. They can really do it. So, start by keeping by harmful objects out of sight or hiding them. For example, things like fire matches or candles can be used to start a fire or be eaten, causing the child to choke on the wax. It’s also important to put locks on drawers and place pointed objects or remote controls with batteries at a level the children can’t reach. Cloth buttons can be very dengerious since children could swallow them. Hence, you might consider taking any unwanted clothes you have around the house to cash for clothes compamies near you to sell them for cash.

Keeping Your TV and Glass-based Things Out of Reach:

Mounting your TV is a crucial step to keep your children from harm. Your children can easily use objects to poke at the TV or trip the TV itself over. It’s always advisable to keep the TV at a high level from the child’s point of view. Other things that may not be suspected by you are objects made of glass and photo frames. While you are distracted, a child can trip the frame over, breaking the glass to pieces and cutting themselves. Having them hidden or put at a high level can be a good way to keep the room safe.

Protect Against Electricity:

Power supplies are a famous way that has endangered many children before. And it’s so easy for a child to get a metallic rod and place it inside the power supply. It all happens quickly. If you have children, you have to hide the power cords behind furniture or protect them with power-strip covers. Also, make a habit of unplugging things and keeping them away before you leave a room, whether it’s a light stand or a phone charger.

Small Things and Toys:

Parents always get the urge to treat their children with fun toys and adorable things. These toys can range from big teddy bears to even cubes less than an inch in size. But that’s where the trouble starts. If your child is still crawling or even less than 4 years old, it’s recommended to survey the kids with big toys but never give them small toys. These can easily be swallowed. For the same reason, check if there are any small objects on the floor or the nightstands, bed, or exposed places to put them away.


Locking Places:

The kitchen should be closed whenever the parents are leaving it as it contains everything harmful to a child. If you have to keep the child with you while you are in the kitchen, ensure that it is also protected by having the lower cabinets closed and making the corners of the dinner table and furniture edges safe. The toilet, on the other hand, must be locked at all times. It can not only be dangerous for him as space, but it may also contain standing water or filled pails that a child can fall into. For a safer strategy, never leave standing water if you are not using it right away.

Using Safety Gates:

There are also safety gates that can be used for a variety of things. You can use these gates to protect against the fireplace, the stairs, basement, attics, or even doorways. They are useful tools that are aligned with safety standards and can safeguard against a lot of other things that you can place in your house.

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