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How to make Your Office Bright- 8 Awesome Ways to Brighten Your Office Spaces

A total makeover is all you need to brighten up your office space. You may choose among the trending office layout designs such as modern minimalist, tech freestyle, and wood accent style.

Brighten up your office space can yield an increase in the productivity level and promotes a stress-free environment. It also increases the comfort of the employees while doing their jobs.

Aside from illuminating the office, it can also look bigger and spacious using the proper techniques in organizing your workplace. How will you start? Just follow our simple ideas and guide below:

1.      Repaint the Walls and Ceiling

In a typical workplace, white is the common color in the walls and ceilings. Well, this classic white paint is the best choice to consider.

However, if you don't appreciate the white color, you can always find some alternatives. You may also consider cream, light blue, mint green, or pale pink. You may also consider bricks with light orange colors.

If you will use only one color for all the walls and ceilings, you should paint dark colors for the edges. A few dark colors can make the background stand out.

2.      Use colored Windows and Curtains

To create a unique layout, you can use colored windows and curtains. The light background of the workplace can be easily paired up with curtains, paintings, and other accessories.

You can use curtains with plain or patterned layouts. These fixtures are helpful to enhance the outlook of the office so that it will not look just simply plain.

Window blinds are also popular among the workplaces because it gives a sense of elegance for the office look. Some of the famous ones are Korean window blinds, Roller shades, Faux wood blinds, Aluminium mini blinds, and honeycomb shades. Window blinds can also be an alternative to curtains.

3.      Place light-colored carpets

Some workplaces are structured with white tiled floors. However, there are offices designed with dark-colored floors. If this is the case, you can place a light-colored carpet to lighten up the environment.

It also enhances and brightens up the floor. Moreover, the floor mattings improve safety and help avoid any accidents for slippery floor types. The carpets are also easy to clean using intensive vacuum machines.

The office can also be customized using the carpets. These floor mattings vary in colors and shapes which are perfect to design a workplace.

4.      Minimize the Furniture

The pieces of furniture are the assets of the company. These objects help business operation and workers to fulfill their jobs. However, if you are aiming to brighten and widen up the workplace, you should reduce the furniture. You may search office furniture at Fast Office Furniture Sydney to have some ideas as much as possible, look for practical furniture that offers excellent quality and features.

Buy furniture that can help you save space and good for long-term use. For example, foldable chairs and tables. Light color furniture can make the office look neat and lighten up the surrounding. If you opt for a minimalist design, you may also choose dark color furniture to match it perfectly with the white walls and ceilings.

The office shouldn’t need to be painted in all white and pair up with light-colored furniture. You should still need to use a bit of the dark colors to make the light color portion stand out.

5.      Reduce the dark colors

Use colors that complement the walls, ceilings, and windows. If you are applying a minimalist design, you may use dark colors for some of the fixtures or furniture.

However, do not use dark colors as a background for the doors, walls, ceiling, or floors. Light colors can illuminate the environment and provide a spacious look. On the other hand, dark colors make the office look smaller, narrow, and dull.

6.      Place lighting fixtures

Lighting fixtures are important to brighten up the room. Aside from the ceiling lights, you should also need to place lighting fixtures on the corners.

In this way, the fixture surrounds the room with proper lighting. It also helps the employees to avoid having a poor eye vision due to the lightings.

7.      Use LED Lightings

LED lights are the recommended lighting fixtures for an office setup. LED lightbulbs are efficient for energy consumption and provide luminous power for a long period.

Incandescent bulbs or traditional halogen bulbs can cause eyesight problems due to the intensity and sharp color of the bulb. Moreover, these lighting fixtures are cheaper yet consume a lot of electricity than LED lights.

If you're looking for lighting fixtures, the watts and lumens should at least be enough to lighten up the entire room. In an office setup, the advisable lumens depend on the workplace area. For example, if the office has a measurement of 250 x 9.29, around 2400 lumens is the recommended LED Lighting luminous power.

8.      Construct Built-in Cabinets

Built-in cabinets provide convenience for office storages. You don't need to purchase spacious cabinets to store the documents.

A wide space makes the workplace bright, neat, and decent. It also creates a stress-free environment because the workplace looks organize.

Furthermore, built-in cabinets can withstand long term use. However, you should have monthly or quarterly maintenance to protect this furniture from any wood-destroying pests.

We hope our guide provided you some ideas to brighten up the office space. If you have further suggestions, you may comment below to share it with our community.

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