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How to Manage Customer Expectations for Clinical Trials?

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A potential customer expects a business to provide them with something they need or want. A happy customer will lead to a new loyal customer and a positive word of mouth marketing while negative reviews would only scare away potential buyers. It is not only limited to businesses but can also be applied to the biopharma industry.


Biopharma companies start gaining customers even before their product is released because of the result of their clinical trials. These clinical trials are arranged by the Preclinical CRO service providers, and they move the new drug from its conception stage to FDA marketing approval.


Based on the results of the clinical trials held by the Contract Research Organization, the customer has some expectation for the outcomes. Your product needs to fulfil these expectations or you’ll be losing current as well as future customers which makes it very important to manage customer expectations for your clinical trials. In this article, we will help you achieve the same.

Managing Customer Expectations for Clinical Trials

#1 Put yourself in their shoes

It's important to know what a customer expects of those clinical trials. Customers don’t want something that is entirely impossible but instead, they just want something totally reasonable.

You can know their expectations simply by stepping into their shoes or reaching out to them using various methods like market research or some good old surveys. After knowing what a customer expects you can work on it and convert those expectations into a reality.

#2 Create a good first impression

We all have heard about the saying “First impression is the last impression”, this is absolutely important when dealing with customers. In a recent study, it was found that customers tend to give bad reviews for products for which they had a negative impression.

Thus, it's pretty important to create a good first impression so the customers can review the clinical trials with a positive attitude even if it's a little lower than expected.

#3 Show them results instead of promises

No one likes empty promises and the same goes for the customers. Exaggerating before the trial results is not a good idea as it would only increase customer’s expectation which will make it hard for you to achieve those targets.

Hence, it is better to promise things that you are sure about. Empty promises might attract customers initially but will lead to a loss of loyal as well as new customers because of lower than expected results. With discovery informatics, you can save time in processing research data, thereby allowing customers to focus on research.

#4 Build their confidence

Even if clinical trials were below the customer’s expectation, you can still save yourself from losing customers by building their confidence. You can achieve this by telling them what led to the failure and what you will do to make sure that it doesn’t happen again in the future. This would create positive expectations in their mind and will help you in retaining customers in the long term.

#5 Make them feel heard

One of the most important things in a buyer-seller relationship is respect. A good customer would definitely value respect and making them feel heard would not only help you in finding out the areas that need work but also make them feel valued and respected.

This would help in creating a positive expectation for your clinical trials in their eyes and you might end up getting some loyal customers.

Last words

If you take care of the above points you can easily manage customer expectations for your clinical trials. To achieve this, you will need a good marketing team that will play a proactive role in managing expectations. This would not only help in gaining new customers but also help in retaining loyal customers.

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