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How to Market Your Startup Maximizing the Holiday Season

When it comes to the holidays, businesses need to do everything they can to maximize it. This is even more true with startups. As a young company, each new sale you get can boost profits and help you pay your expenses. That way, you don't just stay afloat but also thrive. So don't miss out on everything this season has to offer. Use the tips below to make sure you supercharge this season:

Understanding Your Customer

Your core market is the first thing you should be paying attention to. If you know what your customers want, how they act, and their physical traits and demographic traits, you have a much better chance of converting them. If you don't, you really won't be able to speak their language. Therefore, there are a few ways to understand your customer better.

First, you can use online research tools. There are a lot of these tools available today. One is by Google. It lets you search to see how many people are looking for a product or service. Then, when you collect data on your landing page, you can get more data from them. This helps you craft your message in a way that will really allow your branding to stand out.


There is no point in a great marketing team and strategy if you don't test. Testing should be one of the of things that you do always. One form of testing is A/B testing. This involves having two separate ads or parts of your ad. From here, since they are always competing with one another, you can have a solid way of picking the best one for your situation. You never want to be in a situation in which you cannot see where your money is going.

Be Honest

Nothing is worse than a marketer who is not telling the truth. Obviously, you want to put your product in the best light. However, what you do not want to do is to have your customers thinking that you are spreading lies about something. If you have made claims, always back them up. This can help prevent you from getting into a lot of trouble.


Customers want to shop securely. There have been way too many high profile examples of companies getting hacked. You don't want to be known as the company that allowed that to happen to your customers. Instead, insist on having passive network taps and other devices to ensure that your data is protected and will not be sold to the highest bidder for any reason.

Social Media

Long gone are the days when a phone was your most powerful tool. It can still be useful. However, social media allows you to reach even more people faster than ever before. In just moment, you can have a complete plan that will reach thousands or even millions in your market. Of course, if your post goes viral, then you can expect even more than that. The key is to understand the right timing. Of course, you want to have something set up on the backend as well.


You should not just throw up any discount and expect to get great results. Instead, what you want is a system to make your special offer stand out. After all, there are a lot of offers out during the holidays. Consider having some kind of catch in the title that is just too good to pass up. And make sure to apply a deadline to increase pressure.

Getting everything you can out of the holiday season is essential for a startup. You can market your business to boost revenue, create a new narrative, and bring in new customers. Then, you can actually set yourself up well for the rest of the year. Imagine if you were able to get just one more sale this holiday season. Then, use the tips above and you could bring in much more than that.

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