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How to Motivate Your Sales Team

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If you are in sales and marketing, you need to learn one or two things from DatabaseUSA.com®. You must understand the level of commitment and motivation required for handling and maintaining the large amounts of data needed for generating viable and lucrative email lists. Your daily operations require excellent customer service, impeccable data mining efforts and empowering teamwork. As your trustworthy and reliable data vendor, DatabaseUSA.com® does more than most when it comes to data mining, sourcing and repackaging and is known for having a great team structure. Here are a few tips that will help you to keep your team motivated, focused and friendly. Remember, for every tip offered, you must always set the example so that your team can follow the lead.

Always Hire Positive People.

It is an absolute must for sales teams to communicate openly and remain positive. Your team members must all emit positivity when they’re in the office or working on your projects. They should also learn to work in unison to boost the value, accuracy and volume of their research and presentations. If your team can’t work together, it usually means that some of your staff members emit negative energy. The secret to maintaining a positive and productive sales team lies in that single deducible fact. Don’t retain employees who continuously find things to complain about, regularly give excuses for not delivering quality work and/or find reasons to dislike their colleagues. Therefore, if your advertising business is already benefiting from a culture of positivity and teamwork, protect it and don’t allow negative people to hinder the quality or efficiency of your team’s work.

How Can You Identify Negative Employees?

That’s very easy. In fact, negative employees are the ones who tend to make you, or your team feel frustrated simply because of their attitudes towards work and teamwork. You should always be careful when hiring new personnel because people tend to project personas that they do not really embody after their job interviews are completed successfully. Hiring good people always beats firing toxic employees. However, never feel afraid or remorseful when firing toxic people from your work. Nothing good ever comes from employees who complain constantly and find excuses for failure.

How Can You Motivate the Good Employees?

Lead from the front and always set a good example. Most people are motivated by a desire for rewards or avoidance of repercussions. Commissions are a great motivator but try to throw in extra perks outside of the norm where you can. Leading from the front and rewarding and recognizing your team for their hard work will help ensure that everyone feels like they’re working towards a common goal.

Apart from the crucial motivational and team-building element, you should also focus on harnessing the energy of your salespeople. Great salespeople love to share and receive ideas. Therefore, you should regularly convene with your marketing teams in meetings that aren’t always formal. I am not suggesting that you abandon the formal corporate structure on which businesses rely. Rather, it would be better to tweak your organizational culture to allow for free-speak meetings where your salespeople share their ideas. You should provide them with an enabling environment to discuss why their working formulas are effective and how or where they can improve.

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