How to Motivate your Team


When you will become a team lead then you have to take care of your team members. Because without your team members you cannot prove yourself to be perfect.


There is some point which you have to follow after been a team lead:

1- Always motivate your team members: In most of the company, employees have always complained that their team lead is not appreciating their hard work. Encourage members of your team to fully participate by inviting their inputs and suggest them to how to do things better. Always ask question when you are with your team member, listen their reviews and if you feel there can be some implementation then guide them for the better solution.



2- Always set your clear goals: when a person joins an organisation, they come under a team. Then its team lead duty to work with their team member and aware them the priority of work and set a clear goal. Once it done, then everyone will knows what exactly they have to do in their job.


3- Never take useless meetings: Always take meeting is an incredible waste of time of all team members as well as a team lead. Set an agenda of your meetings and distribute in your team to work accordingly. If you feel that someone need to attend then invite only those member. Complete your meeting timely and discuss only important work to avoid wastage of time.


4- Never discuss unpleasant things in your team: It’s noticed many time that a company create an unpleasant thing around the team member. Avoid such kind of manner because its affects their work. These things create a negative environment around them and they distract from their work.


5- Don’t punish failure: it’s a human nature to make mistakes but it never means that a person becomes a failure. Don’t do that such kind of silly things. If a person did something wrong then it is a team lead’s responsibility to ask them to work again.


6- Offer opportunities for hardworking Member: Every team member is working for their team. Some of member did something better than all. We should appreciate them & Welcome them for any new initiative to increase the productivity and offer better opportunity to learn new skills. Arrange training to provide some advanced techniques, aware them with the latest technologies. These things will motivate other member to reach the targets and they wish help them to grab this opportunity.