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How to Motivate Yourself to Get Things Done

How many times do we wake up, determined to get those things piling up on our to-do list taken care of, only to find ourselves distracted and unable to focus?  At the end of the day, there are actually more things on our list and we feel even more overwhelmed.  If this pattern sounds familiar, you are not alone.  So many things in today’s hectic world steal our motivation.  If you are ready to regain your focus and start moving forward, here are some tips to try. 

You can start by reading some motivational quotes. Wait, don’t roll your eyes just yet.  These aren’t just quotes to read, scroll by and forget.  Really focus on the message in each one, and figure out which ones resonate with you. Consider printing them or writing them down somewhere where you will see them frequently.  

·         There is not much difference in successful and unsuccessful people.  The difference is in the depth of their desire to be successful.

It is rarely our ability which holds us back; it is how much we truly desire to reach our potential. 

·         When we strive for perfection, we forget to celebrate progress.

 We can easily get sucked into the vortex of striving for perfection and then become disheartened when we fall short.  However, progress and not perfection should always be our goal. 

·         Failure allows us to begin again more intelligently.

Usually, our greatest growth in learning comes not from what we get right, but from our failures. Motivating is also possible with playing Judi Online and winning a lots of money

·         Talent is cheap, but when combined with dedication and hard work, it becomes priceless.

This quote resonates on so many levels.  It is a fundamental truth that we all have the talent to be great at something.  It is about how much hard work some are willing to put forth to accomplish their goals that separate truly successful people.

Hopefully, you found one or two on the list that meant something to you.  Write it down.  Let it really sink into your core.  Let’s explore other tools to help motivate ourselves to get the things done that we want to accomplish.  The next step is learning a core truth about what success really is.  Success is whatever you define it to be in your life.  For some, success means the dream job that helps pay for the dream house and the dream cart.  There is nothing wrong with that as long as it is genuinely your own definition of success, not the one society tells you it should be.  For some success is more time to spend with their spouse, friends or children.   Another person’s definition might be to spend more time exploring their creative side.  All of these are the right answers as long as they truly reflect what you consider success. 

You have read some motivational quotes and defined what success means for you.  Now it is time to develop a concrete plan of action.  How do you start getting things done? 

·         Make a list.  Include even small tasks.  Mark them off as they are done.  You may find yourself surprised at the end of the day with just how much you accomplished.  If you do not finish everything on the list, that is okay.  Take pleasure in what you did get done, and make a new list for tomorrow.

·         Manage time wasters.  Identify the places into which your time is disappearing.  Do whatever you need to do to keep more time than you can spare from disappearing into these time wasters.  Set timers if you need to.  Is that new word game that you downloaded for just when you want a moment to relax actually sucking hours out of your day?  Decide to only play it in special circumstances.  Social media is great, but many of us would be horrified to realize just how much time we spend on it.  Again, establish your own limits that work for you.  Be purposeful about where your time is going. 

·         Say no to things that do not bring you joy and are not necessary to your success.  (Remember, YOUR definition of success). 

·         Start exercising.  I know this may sound counter-intuitive to add something else to your list.  However, science has firmly established that making time to exercise gives you more energy throughout the day to tackle all the other things you want to do.  It also plays a role in keeping you healthy and boosting self-esteem, so it is worth the investment of your time.

Change is usually not something that happens quickly.  It is a process that takes time.  If you find what motivates you, define your own success and have a plan of action, you will start to see results in how much you are able to get done. 

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