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How to Open a Forex Account

open forex trading account

Forex trading accounts are a client's account that is opened through a broker's platform. It holds the funds of the trader (you), for all transactions. Funds deposited by clients in their trading accounts are his property, and they remain at his complete disposal.

A reliable broker should be chosen by a trader before he can start trading on the Forex market. The trader then decides his goals and selects the type of account.

Forex trading is not possible without opening an account. This accounts stores the funds of the trader to enable him to trade.

We recommend that you open accounts with brokers via TradersUnion. This will allow you to earn more in the future, and provide greater protection.

There are many top-ranked brokers that you can choose from.

Different types of Forex accounts

You can choose between two types of Forex trading account: real and demo. Demo accounts are training account that works exactly the same as a real account, but you can use virtual money instead of real money.

Real trading accounts can be divided into Cent (micro), Classic or Standard, Professional, Crypto, and ECN accounts. Swap-free Forex Islamic accounts can also be created. A separate group of accounts, PAMM and RAMM, provides passive investment income.

Forex Demo Accounts & review

Demo accounts are free account that allows novice traders to practice their trading skills with virtual currency. A demo account allows novice traders to learn how to trade Forex in real market conditions. Demo accounts are risk-free because you trade with virtual cash (and not real).

A demo account allows you to:

  • Get familiar with the Forex market's trading platform and features
  • Create charts, analyze the market situation and monitor it.
  • Research and test all financial instruments available.
  • hone your technical skills before you start trading.
  • How do I open a demo accountYou can open a demo account on any trading terminals, as well as the broker's website.
  1. Visit the website of the broker.
  2. Register now by entering your email address, name, phone number, and password.
  3. Click the "Open Account” button.
  4. Select "Demo" from the list of accounts, mark the trading terminal you wish to use in the drop-down menu, and click "Confirm".
  5. You will then be assigned a type and account number, along with a password. These data must be entered when you open the trading platform.
  6. It takes less than 10 minutes to open a demo account.

You can quickly open a demo account by clicking the button next to each broker's name on the Forex brokers rating listing on Traders Union's site.

How to choose a PAMM account

Selection of the right PAMM broker and manager is key to success. These are the most important criteria for evaluating brokers and PAMM accounts.

  • How long in operation.PAMMs with a longer operating period should be chosen. Accounts with shorter periods of operation will not permit you to quickly assess profitability margins as their PAMM system does not have sufficient market statistics.
  • Profit margins.More important than high indicators is the stability of a PAMM account over its entire operational period. A manager's income of 100-400% means that he uses high-risk strategies to quickly withdraw funds.
  • Average drawdown.Managers cannot trade without losing money. Accounts with a lower drawdown than 40% should be chosen.
  • Amount of the manager’s equity capital.Trades that are fair and smooth will be made by traders who have invested large sums of money.

Do you prefer a Demo Account or a Real Account?

If you want to trade in the Forex market, you must open trading accounts. Before opening a trading account, however, you need to choose a trustworthy broker, determine your trader goals, and define your financial abilities.

Demo accounts are recommended for novice traders. The demo account will allow you to learn the fundamentals of Forex trading, without having to risk your own money. You can also get familiar with the interface of the broker.

If you are on a strict budget, start with a Cent (micro- or mini) account. You can gradually increase your investments later. This will help you avoid serious financial loss.

If you are looking for passive income, we recommend that you invest in PAMM accounts and copy successful traders' transactions if possible.

When choosing an account, focus on the trading conditions, such as the minimum deposit, leverage and spread levels.


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