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How to Open up your Career Prospects in Project Management

Project Management Careers

Do you have management or leadership skills? Do you have a degree or certificate in project management? If you are willing to study, then you will find plenty of career opportunities waiting for you in Project management. Project management is a very versatile field that stretches beyond the role of simply becoming a project manager.

Those who’ve earned a project management certificate earn an average of 114,500 Australian dollars per year. If you have a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree in project management, you can earn even more money.

Project managers work for a wide range of employers, from military branches to private corporations. Every organisation needs project management somewhere in the workplace.

To help you get started in your project management career, we’ve highlighted 10 career opportunities available for people with an educational background in project management.

1. Chief Operations Officer

The chief operations officer is just one step under the CEO of a company. The COO manages multiple departments within an organisation and looks for ways to boost productivity.

The COO often coordinates with the supervisors or head managers of those departments.

2. Engineering Manager

With a background in engineering, then you can combine that experience with project management training.

This kind of training opens up the possibility of becoming an engineering manager, a person who plans and oversees activities surrounding engineering activities in a company.

3. Marketing Manager

Marketing is important for every company.

If you’re a project manager with a marketing background, then you’re the perfect person to create a strategic marketing plan for the company.

4. Operations Manager

An operations manager oversees one or more processes or activities in an organisation. The goal in these roles is to increase productivity, especially concerning the production of services or goods.

Operations managers are very busy people. they deal with multiple departments that depend upon each other, including logistics, budgeting, support services, third-party relations, etc.

5. Database Administrator

If you can gain experience in computer science, then you can use your project management training to enter a number of additional fields. These include roles such as a database administrator. The role requires a person who is familiar with database software, and who knows how to use it to manage information within database systems.

Database systems are important for other managers in the company to access and use. The database administrator is charged with making sure this information is accurate and readily available.

6. IT Project Manager

Information technology is a growing field. There are several IT projects taking place at any time in almost every major company. An IT Project Manager oversees one or more of these projects.

An IT professional with project-management training can also become an IT operations manager. This kind of work requires you to have the skills to oversee all the IT project managers.

Training in project management is one of the ways you can open the door to jobs in virtually any field that requires leaders to supervise people and oversee projects. Jobs in this field include both remote and in-house opportunities. These include marketing, technology, manufacturing, consulting and much more.

7. Legal Project Manager

Big companies often deal with legal projects. these projects relate to construction, permits, licensing, hiring or any other facet of construction that needs legal oversight.

Legal project managers often need a law license or juris doctorate degree. Project management experience or training is usually a prerequisite to doing these jobs effectively.

8. Military Project Manager

Military projects are underway all the time, and managers are needed to supervise them.

You don’t necessarily need to be in the military to get hired for a military project manager position. However, if you have a military background or experience, then it can only help your chances of getting this job.

9. Social Media Manager

Social media managers don’t really need any extra education if they’re familiar with social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

The job of a social media manager is to create strategies for increasing a company’s web traffic and brand awareness through social media.

10. Environmental Project Manager

Environmental project managers oversee environmental tasks like wildlife restoration, forest regeneration, soil restoration and water purification.

These project managers often work for the government, schools or non-profit organisations.

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