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How To Optimize Content For Search Intent

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If you want to search for something on Google, you type some relevant keywords related to that stuff and press search, and lo behold! Google puts the relevant searches in front of you. But have you ever wondered how Google does the search, or how the links appearing in front of you are ordered?

It’s all linked to a term called SEO or Search Engine Optimization. Every content marketing company out there curates content use SEO based strategies. But before we go into unraveling that, we need to know what SEO is and what’s meant by strategy. From this point, this guide will answer the fundamental SEO related questions, clearing all your queries along the way.

Understanding the concept of SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the procedure of making a particular website be searched easily by people on Google. Meanwhile, doing SEO for content relates to consuming the matter content lying on the Web. Put these two together, you can use this methodology to garner the attention of people, or in marketing terms, bring more traffic.  

In order to optimize your content for the search engine, you need to consider a few things like:

Keyword Research

When we talk about written content that includes all the written stuff, doing keyword research is essential. This means that you need to put your focus on adding the right keywords to a certain proportion of content that exists on the Web.

Optimizing your keywords

Keyword optimization calls for knowing how to use your keywords and where to. By doing so ensures that your content gets searched maximum times. At Rank Me Locally, we offer the best Local SEO Service that includes keyword optimization for your local content.  

Organizing Content

The content for your site must be logically organized, such that it attracts visitors to sustain your page. If you are thinking of putting up some new content, and want a really intense visitor presence, Rank Me Locally is the content marketing agency you need to get in touch with. They have perfectly built links to bring the audience from both external and internal platforms.

Types Of SEO Content

For your SEO, it’s important that you know the relevant content types. You can refer to any of the following:

Blog posts

One of the easiest and convenient ways of producing SEO content is through blog posts. Think of an XYZ product that you are planning to launch. To attract the audience, you can write relevant blog posts about the product itself. As a content marketing company Rank Me Locally provide the service of flexible blog posts that can be used for hosting purpose.


Often, you might have found 50 ways to do an ABC task. These articles are audience attractive since the content in them is precise and easy for people to read. 


Articles that follow a 1000 or more word count are categorized as guides. Basically, these guides help to explain to readers about the topic. Guides are normally preferred for on-page visitors who know the basic information about the service and want a detailed insight. For first time readers, a guide is not a likable strategy since the reader might get bored while trying to keep up with the on-page text.


Yes, it’s even possible to have SEO based videos advertising your content. Consider having a product that needs to be launched.  If you have a video made that illustrates details about your product, moreover adding a text transcript, you can attract a greater number of audiences, keeping aside the blog posts and all.

Generating a coherent SEO Strategy For Content

Now that you know about the pertinent types of SEO content, it’s time that you buckle down for the appropriate strategy to market all that stuff. The germane steps to do that are:

Stipulating your goals

For every kind of goal, there is a different SEO approach. Now, you need to figure out whether you want to sell your product through your website or put up ads on the website to increase traffic. If sales is what you are looking for, then have informative content in the form of blogs and articles that bring people to your main business page. However, if you want ads on your site to bring the money and readership, you must have entertaining stuff or things that are gonna keep the audience stay a little longer.

Evaluating your potential audience

Through relevant surveys and analyzing software, you can get a much better visualization of the potential audience interested in your business. This falls under local SEO services, where you can take the help of an external company to determine your audience. If your product is a sports apparel, then the target audience is teenagers or gym freaks. You can have their attraction towards your website through relevant videos and images.

Forging a scheduled calendar

Once the target audience is known, you get your hands on making a schedule that will determine when and where to put relevant SEO based content. Certain components of an editorial calendar are:

  • Think of using outlook to stay updated with your marketing team. You would know when your writers have to turn in their work and when it has to go online.
  • Make a genre page for the content type that is gonna go online. You can do weekly or monthly roundups if you want.
  • Never stress on revisions. Content in the form of videos and pictures often takes time to attain perfection. This eats up a substantial chunk of your time with all the edits and stuff.
  • It’s good that you have made a perfect calendar. However, getting everything achieved on it within time is being too foolishly optimistic. Since the growth of market changes within time, you cannot think of following the same schedule till the very end. It must have alterations suited according to contemporary needs.

Audit & re-appraise

Last but not the least, you need to do timely SEO evaluations to determine what’s good and what’s not as per the market. You auditing must have a track of achieved successes. Consider that you put out a video that the audience loved way more. You must be able to repeat this strategy but keeping the resonating element alive in it.

Apart from this, you must reserve some time for going through your old SEO content and making necessary revisions to it. If a certain keyword requires alteration, you must be able to do it to improve potential traffic.

We know that getting a grip on this guide is a bit tricky if you are new to this stuff. Nevertheless, if you want to launch your business that sells your product within the local audience, Rank Me Locally is providing you the best Local SEO Service. Besides, we are a distinguished content marketing agency with the right marketing tricks up our sleeves that can help you sell your product beyond your expectations.

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