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How to optimize your Food Boxes to attract customers

Food Packaging

Food packaging does more than you can think off. Although the main purpose of food boxes is to protect the products, they also play an important role in attracting the customers. Well designed food boxes create a great shelf impact. They take your brand to another level by increasing the sales of your product. Custom food boxes communicate your brand message to attract a large audience. Your package acts as a key factor to success. If you want to make your brand stand out, the food packaging should be designed in an effective way. Below are some of the ways to optimize your food boxes to attract customers:

Use the Right Packaging Material:

Choosing the right material to make your custom food boxes is the first step to attract customers. The manufacturers have a variety of choices like cardboard, corrugated cardboard, paperboard, Kraft paper, plastic, paper bags, and Styrofoam. The choice of the material depends upon the nature of your product. For example, if the products are delicate like bakery items, use a durable packaging material. It's the reason that most of the cake boxes, cookie boxes, cake boxes, and other bakery packaging is made from cardboard or Kraft paper. The material is recyclable. It does not contain any toxic chemical which may penetrate into the products to spoil their quality. Cereals are another most frequently used food item. Cereal boxes are designed from the paper board which is soft and lightweight material. The food is first enclosed in plastic or aluminum liner then packed in cereal boxes to increase the protection. Styrofoam is good for insulating hot or cold food items. But it is non-biodegradable and harms our environment. Plastic is another commonly used material for food boxes. Some plastics can penetrate toxic substances into your food items.

Food Packaging

Brand your Packaging to increase Awareness:

The packaging is the physical representation of your brand. It is the main way to make your products recognizable. You can grasp the customers' attention by creating a branded packaging. As your food boxes interact with hundreds of customers so they should have the potential to increase awareness about your brand. The color of your packaging, its design, logo, and graphics collectively work to inspire the customer. They create a bond between the customers and your brand. Branded packaging contributes to the customer's experience as he receives food delivery. It is the reason for the success of large food chains. They brand their packaging to increase awareness. Even most of the restaurants have started using branded packaging. The Chinese takeout boxes are designed with the brand's name and logo to make the package speak for itself.

Food Packaging

Inform your Consumers:

Consumers will never purchase a product if they do not know what it is. The packaging is the best way to inform your customers about various aspects of the product. It is necessary to mention the product name, the details about its manufacturer, product features like ingredients, serving, price, manufacture, and expiry date. Most of the food boxes contain additional information about QR code and UPC code depending upon the type of food product. It should also contain handling and storing instructions like if the product is to be refrigerated. Other additional facts like where the product is made and is it all natural, should be included as a part of the package.

Food Packaging

Comply with the Food Labeling Requirements:

The food labeling requirements stated by the FDA are essential to consider while designing food packaging. They include an addition of a nutritional fact panel, list of ingredients, calorie count and nutrition claim. No matter what type of food you are going to package, it's necessary to comply with food labeling requirements. This allows your brand to avoid future troubles and move through each process smoothly. For example, the following chocolate boxes contain detail about all nutritional facts of the product.

Food Packaging

Make it Functional:

An optimal food packaging is one that is functional to use. The brands which succeed in creating a balance between functionality and shelf impact win the race. The packaging should be durable and protective. It's necessary to work on its functional side when the product is shipped to the distributor, retailer or customer. It should be in perfect condition as it was in the factory and warehouse. A practical and easy to use packaging inspires everyone. For example, if you own a bakery you can introduce built-in handles on custom cookie boxes. This gives an attractive view and facilitates the customers to carry their products.

Food Packaging

Take the Advantage of Color:

No specific color is associated with a particular product in the food industry. Rather you can design your packaging in unlimited ways. Take advantage of color in the best way. Customers are attracted to unique color schemes and fascinating patterns. Often it is seen that the designers implement the color associated with the flavor of the product. For example, a package for frozen food can be colored according to the ingredients present in it. However other shades can be used along with the primary color.  Get Food Boxes.

Food Packaging

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