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How to Optimize YouTube Views to Rank Higher in Search Results

A lot of people are under the impression that if you want to rank higher on YouTube, you basically have to use SEO rules. In their minds, there’s really not much distinction become a video and written content. This is too bad because while there are a lot of overlaps between text-based and video-based SEO, we're talking about two totally different animals and if you confuse the two, there's a good chance that your video is not going to rank all that well.

How bad is a low-ranking video? How much damage can your bad-ranking practices have on your viewership? The short answer is it is fundamentally important because if you fail to use YouTube-specific ranking strategies, your video might be all but invisible to the people you're trying to reach.

Here are just some optimization techniques that you can try to maximize your results with YouTube.

Use Different Geo Locations

If you're trying to optimize your YouTube viewer numbers, you might want to buy traffic from different parts of the world. Why is this? It turns out that a lot of YouTube video creators who were initially trying to reach an American market get really big in places like the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand or parts of Western Europe or even Southeast Asia.

It turns out that the interest for their content is not as concentrated in places that they originally thought. This is especially true for kid video bloggers. This is why it's really important to get YouTube views from different parts of the world so this can influence how YouTube suggests your video to different people located in different countries.

You might be able to find the right market and this organic reach can then translate to some sort of viral appeal and this can create a positive feedback loop, which results in larger viewership for your videos.

Try Different Search Keywords

Another way you can optimize your YouTube viewership numbers is to try different search keywords. In fact, this should be one of the most obvious things that you should try because, let’s face it, there's an increasing amount of competition on YouTube. As more and more people discover that it's easier to rank on YouTube than it is on Google's main search engine, there is a tidal wave or even a tsunami of video creators producing all sorts of stuff for YouTube.

I wish I could tell you that all the stuff that they're producing is high-quality stuff. Unfortunately, this is not Scorsese or Francis Ford Coppola level material. Far from it! In fact, a lot of these are just plain garbage. We’re talking about software that uses articles to spit out basically glorified slideshows.

Because there’s such a flood of spam on YouTube, YouTube has become extremely sensitive and it's all too eager to penalize keyword spammers. So, do yourself a big favor. Focus only on search keywords that are not only directly related to your content but focus on keywords that have less competition.

Use Different Categories

If your video isn’t doing all that well on YouTube, you probably would be better off shooting for another category. If, for example, you produced kid-blogger-type videos and it seems that there are lots of big-named kid bloggers already in your space, you probably would want to try a different approach. You may be barking up the wrong tree because it’s so saturated and so competitive, there’s really no way you can gain some critical mass. That’s simply not going to happen.

The better approach would probably be to find a sub-niche or sub-category or something new so that you can at least stand out. In certain ways, when it comes to YouTube, it's better to be the biggest fish in a small pond than the other way around.

Pair Your YouTube Views with Comments

While you can buy YouTube views for social proof, you shouldn’t stop there. While view counts do count for a lot, people also pay attention to comments. When you buy comments along with YouTube views, you create a holistic picture of the value proposition of your video, and you're more likely to make a good first impression.

Keep these tips in mind because it's so easy to drop the ball when it comes to YouTube. It’s too easy to just say that you came up with a video, you tagged it properly, you mentioned the right keywords, and you're tempted to just call it a day. I’m telling you, if that is your attitude, you probably are going to fail.

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