How To organize Fun Days For Employees?


Are you looking to organize fun days for your employees? In this article, we give you some ideas of fun and challenging activities for employees' fun days and Boutiqo Leisure, including races, contests, and interactive games to enhance the skills and professional abilities of all the participants.

A fun day for employees is an excellent opportunity to take a day off from the daily tasks at the workplace, go out, disconnect from the duties of the job within the company, and have fun. At the same time, it is worthwhile to take advantage of the special day to consolidate employees, deepen relationships and even acquire and strengthen new skills that will help your employees perform their duties better, thereby streamlining the company's operations. Are you looking to organize a fun day for employees in Tel Aviv? In this article, we give you a variety of attractive, original, and creative ideas that Challenge Group – Catalyst Israel offers for fun days filled with adrenaline, challenges, laughter, and pleasure, and relaxation.

What values would you like to strengthen among employees?

We have a vast collection of ideas for fun days for your employees. All participants will be able to enjoy any activity you choose, but you should make your choice according to your goals.

If your teams are required to demonstrate creativity and to think outside the box or to meet the same time while doing several tasks in parallel, the activity you choose will be completely different. Therefore, you should consider which skills you want to strengthen among employees and which ones you want to develop within the work environment.

Here are the types of objectives that you can achieve through the activities we offer for companies and organizations as part of a fun day for employees in central Israel:


✔ Preliminary planning and strategic thinking
✔ Strengthening collaboration and teamwork skills
✔ Research, conducting debriefings, solving complex problems, and solve cases while meeting deadlines
✔ Developing strategic thinking
✔ Improving functional efficiency
✔ Risk management
✔ Improving communication skills, networking, and customer relations
✔ Implementation of sales and negotiation skills
✔ Ice-breaking and team building
✔ Developing innovation and creative thinking outside the box
✔ Brand awareness
✔ Races and sports competitions with high-energy challenges

Everyone loves to win, and sports competitions that combine challenges, are always more enjoyable. When adrenaline comes up, the energy rises, and sport makes the whole activity attractive and enjoyable.

You can take help from Boutiqo Leisure as they will assist you in planning a fun day for the employees.

Urban challenges throughout the city combined with several sites

As part of a fun day, you can choose an activity that combines a challenge with a deeper understanding of different locations within the urban environment from a new perspective. Leaving behind the daily routine and set up tasks in different places makes each site unforgettable and fills the participants with fascinating experiences and memories.

Urban Challenge

In this activity, which is suitable for a large number of participants, teams are asked to build a strategic route, which passes through 12 different sites, each with a challenging task. The concept of this globally known challenge is especially suitable for cities with historical background and ancient buildings. If you were looking for activities for a fun day for staff in Tel Aviv, Jaffa, or historic cities throughout the center, this is the perfect activity for you.

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