How to organize your room without a closet

How to organize your room without a closet

Bedroom come in all sizes and shapes, having little to no storage space in it. Clearly having no space for your closet in your room is such a big disadvantage and sounds a little bad to hear. This is no more than a huge mess.

Everyone wants to have a separate and complete room due to so many reasons and on the top is the privacy one. However, what can someone do if there is no proper spacing for even closet?Well, it seems a little weird, so with a little imagination and creativity, one can have a personal closet in a room.

All you need to do is simply follow some tips and tricks to organize your room in a perfect way. Therefore, this article will provide all some suitable tips or you can say hacks to have your own closet. Some of these are as follows:

Bring Clothes Rack

Buying clothes rack for your room, which has no closet, is a wonderful idea to make yourself organized. This is a great asset to a room without having a closet.  You can easily make a closet rack by yourself or can easily purchase one from the market.

You can also insert a tiny shelf at the bottom that can have your shoes displayed on it. This will act as a two in one deal. Moreover, make yourself and your room appear to be more organized.

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Go for the wall hung organizer

This is something more interesting and makes your room appear more attractive. Add a hanging anywhere in your room and you are done with it. All you need to have is two ropes or chains and a rod assemble them together in a way that the rod hung horizontally on your desired position of the room and your wall-hung closet is ready.

Loft the bed

This is something more towards the creative side. By lofting your bed, it will create more space for your room that you can further use to make a customized closet of your choice. This is similar to bed raising trick where you can raise a bed up to the desired height and use it further.

Create a headboard with your closet

Creating a closet behind your bed is known is headboard closet. Which is actually very common for the rooms having no closet. Simply bring a closet rack and adjust it behind your bed head in an appropriate manner. Here your customized closet is ready.

Build up your own customized shelves

Another creative thing to do with the extra space in your room is creating our own shelves. It could be any material depending on your choice. You can even use vintage crates, wooden boxes or simple plank of wood for this purpose.

You simply have to organize it and turn it into your closet with all the creativity you have and investing your time in it.

Visit and Antique market to have a traditional trunk

Here is something that needs some sort of research and time as well. Visit your nearest antique market and look for a trunk that your grandmothers probably use in their time. Ones you find one and bring it for yourself, the next step is to makeover it.

That trunk needs a little bit of decor. You can use anything on it to make it look fancier or simply make it match with your room. Here your portable closet is ready to use.

Buy a room separator

This serves as a good idea as a room separator will act as a partition as well as it will act as a door or a shield for your closet. Moreover, this will hide all the mess fromthe public eye. Dividing the room with the separator will create the feeling that you have a closet in your room.

Re-use a ladder as your closet

This will work as the best closet especially for children’s room. This will not only make your room appear unique but also add some more fun and attraction to your room. You can use a wooden ladder and hang your scarves, belts, tops and stuff like that to create a more attractive look.

Cover up your closet

Every person thinks differently and hasdifferent thinking and choice. Moreover, not everyone likes to show off his or her closet and personal stuff publically. For this purpose, you can cover your closet with fabric or some sort of curtains that are easily accessible in the market.

Although, this is not a difficult task. After following, any of the described step you can simply cover your closet with curtains that match your room to create a more pleasant look of your room.

Use a nook if you have in your room

As every room is different in shape and size. However, you are one of the luckiest people if you a look inside your room. If you have, one you can use it perfectly as your closet. All you need to do is simply decorate it according to your room.


Having a closet in a room is such a great blessing but usually, rooms do not have one. To deal with such a situation you need to be a bit more creative and have some sort of imaginations to create your own personal closet inside your room. This can be done in a few simple steps as this article described earlier. This is not even a difficult job to do anymore.